Today’s Tid Bits

+ Kinda sad how our society has lost the art of listening. Listening is so vital to your family, your business, your ministry.

+ I just threw out some el junko that was just taking up space in our bedroom closet. I stopped and laughed as I found 4 bats (wiffle ball and kid toy bats). They were in our closet because we had to confiscate them from our 4 kids. Handing a bat to a 6,4,3,or 2 year old and saying “Now don’t hit your brother or sister…” is like putting a DQ Heath Bar Blizzard in front of me and saying “Now don’t eat it Johnny”; it aint happenin!

+ Looking forward to seeing out-of-town family over the Christmas break. We’ve already traveled some and will make more rounds this weekend. Family is important, no matter how dysfunctional. 🙂 (Note: That is a generic statement…applying to a lot of families…not necessarily mine…ha.)

+ Auburn has a new OC. Very very mixed reviews so far. Personally, I’m excited to see a spread offense. I think we will still pound the ball on the ground…this only adds to the arsenal.

+ Now that it’s finally cold – I crave the slopes. Is there any better sound in the world than the slush of the snow on your skis…and then SILENCE…because you just took major air on a jump?!?! The answer is no, there is no better sound (or lack of sound).

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