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December 28, 2007

Ladies and Gents, boys and girls, lend me your ear please:

Tonight I experienced something life altering…perhaps only for a brief time…but life changing none-the-less. It was a Christmas gift I received from my wife and it has turned out to be the best gift ever. (Scratch that, God giving his only Son for all mankind that we may know Him, have life to the fullest, and avoid eternal damnation in complete separation from God…that would be the BEST GIFT EVER.)

Tonight I experienced something that will no doubt (warning, major exaggerations approaching) make me a better husband, father, co-worker, and friend. This something will increase my volume in sales in my job. It will make me pick up after myself around the house…whoa, that may be stretching it.

I’m at peace. I’m relaxed. Right now I could probably be punched in the face and not care. I could even be in a room with a Bama fan for more than 5 minutes (wait, make that 3 and 1/2 minutes). I could drop my cell phone in a bucket of water and laugh. I could hit a deer with my car and then also have transmission trouble with that same car 2 days later and not get stressed. (Oh wait, that really did just happen.)

Enough already, what is it!?!?!!!!!!

1 hour back massage.

My first one ever. The professional kind. (Is there any other?) Cheesy music, dark room…you know, the fru-fru stuff…that I used to make fun of. NO MORE! Dude, I just wish they were not so expensive. Now I feel I need one every week! What a great stress reliever. HIGHLY recommend it to everyone.