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For My Auburn Friends

January 29, 2008

Funny Charts, click HERE.

The guys at The Auburner do a great job. Funny stuff.

Pic Reminds Me of Atari

January 29, 2008


To Spit or Not To Spit

January 27, 2008

It’s never been a question.


I have a horrible habit. I spit. (No surprise there, eh? I do live in GA.) But seriously, everytime I step outside, I seem to spit. It really serves no purpose….unless I’m coughin up some flem. (Ha, you could have done without that, right?!)

I think it comes from playing baseball. Besides running down fly balls and scooping up grounders and hitting, what you mainly do in baseball as a kid is spit. It’s part of the game. It’s an artform (ha).

So I’m trying to break this habit. I know any day now I’ll be coming out of an important meeting or forgetting who I’m with, etc, and BOOM – projectile from mouth to ground. Gross.

Any tips on breaking this habit? (I’ve considered duct tape, but it seems a bit painful.)

Something We Seem To Be Horrible At, But Should Excel In

January 27, 2008

THIS infuriates me!

I unfortunately have found this to be true WAY TOO MANY times. Hey gang, let’s get a clue. 15% is the standard. If you are ever going to dare and leave a tract or invite card, then at least make it 20. Or, maybe do something even crazier. Leave an invite card with an extra $20 bill (in addition to the tip).

I realize we’re all human. And I realize that just b/c someone attends church doesn’t mean they are a true believer. But this just confuses me like crazy and really really upsets me.

Let’s turn the tide. Let’s change the trend. Let’s make Sunday (and every other day for that matter) the best shift on the schedule. Be generous. Be patient. Use that opportunity to encourage them. BE GENEROUS.

Horrible Tragedy / Powerful Message

January 25, 2008

2 yr old drowns in pool

Father speaking at the memorial service:



Take 30 minutes and be challenged. Be changed.

Friday’s DID YOU KNOW?

January 25, 2008

The nation’s largest college campus is 40 minutes from my house – here in NW Georgia.


26,000-acre campus! Good golly.

On a semi-related note, THIS is the best college on planet earth.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Big Day

January 24, 2008

Really big day today. We have an info meeting about KiDs Beach Club. It’s being held at Westridge Church in Dallas, GA. Russ Gregory (Executive Director) and his wife, Michelle Gregory (National Training Director), are flying in from TX to help host the event.

The vision that has been cast by some church leaders in this area is quite simple: They want EVERY Elementary School in Paulding County to have a Beach Club in it. So, today we are getting together for a brief meeting to further cast that vision.

Shall be fun.
Pray hard.

Update: Meeting went incredibly well. A lot of interest and Russ and Michelle did a fantastic job. It was great to be around area children’s ministers…having that common bond of loving kids and loving Christ and wanting to see families changed and integrated to the local church. Gets your blood goin’!

And Just When You Thought Education Could Not Get Any Worse

January 23, 2008


Am I missing something? Is that not the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard?

Quote of the Day

January 23, 2008

This one comes from Simon Cowell on the tv hit show, American Idol. I heard it on tonight’s episode.

Said to one of the auditioners:
“You’re like a gloomy cloud on a sunny day.”

Just Ask

January 23, 2008

I listened to Andy Stanley the other day and his message, “We Had A Dream”. Click HERE and go to 1/13/08 message. Part the message was the realization that him and other staff members came to when it comes to inviting people to church. He realized that he would often say, “Hey, you ought to come some time.” He concluded that something like that doesn’t really count as a true invitation. A true invitation is, “Will you please come to church with me this Sunday at 11am?” I know my brief blurb on it doesn’t do the message justice, but it was a good challenge for those of us hoping to get neighbors and friends to come with us. Great challenge.

And so today I was speaking with an 85 year old lady in TX (part of my work) and 10 minutes into the conversation she began talking about her involvement in her church and the importance of her faith. Quickly, she invited me to her church this Sunday. I had to explain to her that I was hundreds of miles away in Georgia, but that I greatly appreciated her invitation.

So the challenge is quite simple, eh? Who are you inviting to church this weekend? You know who they are you know you’ve never directly asked them…so take a deep breath and walk across the hall or pick up the phone and knock it out.

One more thing: If you feel that you can’t take them to your church, if you would be embarrassed to bring them in….then find a new church. ๐Ÿ™‚ (I mean that in the nicest way possible.) ๐Ÿ™‚

Special Word

January 20, 2008

There was a kid today at church asking those he knew (and virtually anyone) to sign his Bible. I had a flashback to high school and the tradition of signing yearbooks…I about got sick when remembering those times. ๐Ÿ™‚ Anywho, some people wrote funny things, and some of course wrote something serious. I put, “You rock (name), Keep Serving Christ, You’ll Never Regret It!” This kid and his parents are hard core volunteers in the church. They love serving others and they love Christ and love Oak Leaf.

After writing my little schpill, I stopped and thought about the significance of what I did…and what others had done. I hope one day, years down the road, he can think back to these times and remember the beginning of his journey. I hope some of the notes of encouragement will become reality as he sees and lives God’s faithfulness.

So, what special word are you passing on to (your) children today? What are you telling them (living out) that will strengthen their faith and help them desire holy things?

It Just Cracks Me Up

January 20, 2008

Interesting Preseason Top 10

January 20, 2008

Props to the SEC

Click HERE

Our New Spokesperson

January 18, 2008

My company, Generation Mortgage, has announced former US Housing Secretary and nine-term Congressman, Jack Kemp, as our new Spokesperson. I’ve never met the guy, but having done some research (8 minute Google search), he seems like a great guy who has accomplished a lot – both in business and politics. Now that I have enlightened you with that all-powerful information, here’s two pics:

Oh yeah, he was also a former Pro Football Quarterback and a Vice Presidential candidate.


January 18, 2008

You know I ran across an old box of letters
While I was bagging up some clothes for Goodwill
But you Know I had to laugh at the same old struggles
That plagued me then are plaguing me still
I know the road is long from the ground to glory
But a boy can hope he’s getting some place
But you see, I’m running from the very clothes I’m wearing
And dressed like this I’m fit for the chase

‘Cause no, there is none righteous
Not one who understands
There is none who seek God
No not one, I said no not one

So I am thankful that I’m incapable
Of doing any good on my own

‘Cause we’re all stillborn and dead in our transgressions
We’re shackled up to the sin we hold so dear
So what part can I play in the work of redemption
I can’t refuse, I cannot add a thing

‘Cause I am just like Lazarus and I can hear your voice
I stand and rub my eyes and walk to You
Because I have no choice

I am thankful that I’m incapable
Of doing any good on my own
I’m so thankful that I’m incapable
Of doing any good on my own

‘Cause by grace I have been saved
Through faith that’s not my own
It is a gift of God and not by works
Lest anyone should boast


I love this song by Caedmon’s Call. It’s been out for a long time now, but it came back to mind the other day. I starting thinking about the song and then Paul’s words in Ephesians – grace, faith not my own, GIFT, no one can boast. Excellent stuff. I’m so glad that we stand on grace and not on ourselves. I’m so thankful that we serve a God that is WAY MUCH BIGGER than we are. A God that casts our sins as far as the east is from the west (Psalm 103:12). A God that made it clear from day one that apart from him we can do nothing (John 15:5).

Interesting that being incapable is actually a very good thing.

Pic of the Day

January 17, 2008

Left to Right:
My “little” brother Justin. He’s actually standing on the field (he works for the University), so he’s not that short.
Chette Williams, Auburn Team Chaplain. Great guy. Powerful testimony. Recently wrote a great book – HARD FIGHTING SOLDIER.
My Dad. Coolest old fart I know. ๐Ÿ™‚
Me (very happy to be at the 2007 Iron Bowl).

Random Thought (Fact) of the Day

January 16, 2008

I once threw a hammer at my older brother while he was swimming. He kept dunking me under the water and I really didn’t like that.

2 followup facts from the above fact:

1. Remember what a switchin’ was? That was my punishment from Momma.
2. I’m a lot closer to my brothers now. I have a theory that going away to college and being separated does ya some good.

So, what’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to your brother/sister? Feel free to comment.

I’m Really Close…

January 15, 2008

I’m really close to pulling the trigger. I’ve been really close for years now. I guess college football keeps me on board. I suppose comedy stuff keeps me paying the bill every month. I don’t know. I’m close to just cancelling it all. When you stop and think about it, TV really does stink. I’m not anti-TV…just sayin’ I watch too much, I’m tired of paying the bill, I know there is better things to do with my time, I would read more, and overall, TV is just overrated.

Hello world!

January 14, 2008

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Here’s the Deal…

January 14, 2008

* I predicted the Giants win over Dallas today. I’m not a pro football fan, so I really didn’t care who won…but that was my gut feeling on the game. Not sure their luck will continue though.

* Internally, I cry like a baby when I watch Extreme Home Makeover on ABC.

* I found the culprit. I’d noticed that my Bible, my work notebook, and various books throughout the house had scribbles in them. My daughter, Kinley, was the sneaky scribbler.

* The lesson that we taught K-5th today at church was: Disciples of Jesus Respect Authority.

* I’m ready for a vacation. A cruise sounds nice. Do they have 2 month cruises?

* Dana and I are hosting/leading a small group that begins at the end of the month. I’m pumped. We’ve missed doing one.


January 12, 2008

โ€œExperience is the name every one gives to their mistakes.โ€ -Oscar Wilde

โ€œThe difference between school and life? In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson.โ€ -Tom Bodett

“If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.โ€ -John Maxwell

“All that I know I learned after I was thirty.” -Georges Clemenceau

As I was driving home from work yesterday I began thinking about the role of experience. It matters, eh? I think my generation is not accustom to valuing experience. We want things fast. We want success even faster. And I’m not sure we truly value the wisdom of elders.

But over the past few weeks I’ve seen how important experience is. Your prior experience (failures, learned lessons) are a great guide in future decision making. I’m no where close to “arriving” yet (whatever that means), but I feel over the past few weeks I’ve been able to make better decisions at work…all gained from doing the same job for over 2 years now. Sometimes it does just take time, eh? The whole investment thing.

I hope this realization doesn’t mean I’m growing up though. That would really stink. ๐Ÿ™‚

Friday’s Top 5 Conclusions

January 11, 2008


1. That traffic will always be bad in Atlanta. In fact, if you live within 100 miles of Atlanta, good luck. Also, it will primarily be bad due to poor planning and slow construction work.

2. That I 100% for sure, absolutely, no doubt about it – outpunted my coverage…”married up” if you will. Dana is out of my league. Lucky to have her.

3. That if you missed the 90’s and missed Christian music in the 90’s…and somehow missed THIS song by DCtalk…consider yourself fortunate. (Just kidding, those are my boyz! yah yah homeboy.) just kidding again.

4. That THE MELTING POT is a little overpriced and it takes forever to actually eat a meal there….but that it’s one of my wife’s favorite restaurants so I’ll be dining there soon for our anniversary celebration.

5. That America is spoiled. And to some degree, so am I. We have so much. Do we give enough of it away? Are we feeding the hungry and clothing the cold? Are we seriously doing enough?

My Favorite Country Song Remake

January 11, 2008

Click HERE and enjoy.

My Consuming Thought of the Day

January 10, 2008

Everything we do is worship. Everything we do should point others to God’s Glory. I’m sometimes overwhelmed when I think about how we’ve missed teaching this to folks at church. They gotta know this! The engineer, the home school mom, the student, the factory worker, the CEO, the secretary – they HAVE to know that their work is worship. What they do day in and day out, how they conduct themselves, their work ethic – is a daily act of worship to their creator.

Have we over-programmed church? Have we taught that ministry mostly (or only) happens AT church…or WITH a church group? Have we taught that worship is only what happens on a Sunday morning? That it is simply singing songs? Obviously corporate gathering, and singing as one to our Maker, is highly important. But it doesn’t end there, does it?

Have we elevated the church staff position so highly that most believers feel that only the staffers are to do the ministering? (Especially in the South?)

I’m just so caught up in this right now. (Mostly personal conviction I suppose.) We gotta teach that everyone is a minister (yes, some are called to equip) and that worship and ministry go far beyond the normal routine of church.

Wednesday’s Three

January 9, 2008

1. I have the song Shadow of the Day by Linkin Park stuck in my head. Good vocals. Not much depth to the song, but a good song none-the-less.

2. My two oldest start basketball practice tomorrow night. That’ll be fun.

3. Dana and I celebrate 8 years of marriage (survival…ha) next Tuesday.

Does It Really Matter…no, really?

January 7, 2008

So I’m disappointed that AU lost it’s Defensive Coordinator. Hmmm, bummer. He was doing great things.

But dude, after listening to some Piper yesterday, and having this thought running around in my head and heart all day today: Make Christ Your Supreme Treasure …..everything else is secondary. (No pun intended.)

Don’t Break My Heart

January 7, 2008

Good Sunday today. Overall, a great weekend.

Highlights from today:

* At church, Michael talked about leveraging our influence to point others to Christ. He also reminded us that our gathering is all about making HIS name great, not our own, and not our church’s name.

* After church, me and the wife and kiddos went out to eat at El Nopal Mexican Restaurant with some friends. My buddy paid for our meal. Extremely gracious, and I’m extremely thankful!

**** (extra stars added for this point) At the restaurant, I heard the Spanish version of Achy Breaky Heart. It sounded a little something like THIS.

What a way to begin 08! Please don’t consider your life fulfilled until you have heard the Spanish Achy Breaky.


Quote of the Day

January 4, 2008

Conversation between my wife and 4 year old son, Logan:

Logan: Mommy, where are we going?
Dana: We’re going to pick up the car from the shop.
Logan: Oh, that’s right, I remember, we hit a reindeer driving home from Christmas.

Reindeer / Deer…..same thing, right?

Reverse Mortgages: An Inside View

January 3, 2008

(I told you my blog was random.)

For several years now I’ve worked in the Reverse Mortgage Industry. I love what I do and I’ve grown to love working with seniors. For the most part, I’ve been kind of shy…sometimes all together silent…when talking about my work. It’s one of those controversial issues. There’s much confusion about the deal. There’s a lot of false information floating around. So, most of the time when I’m asked what I do for a living, I just say that I work in the Mortgage Industry.

Well, that is starting to change. What I once avoided (not because of shame, but because I didn’t want to spend 8 hours explaining it everyday) I now accept as a challenge. I want people to understand what a blessing this has been to A LOT of people and also provide some clarity to those who are quick to bash it.

I’ll keep this extremely brief. If you want to educate yourself on the RM, just google it. I won’t spend 43 paragraphs explaining it. Just know this: It’s a federally insured loan for those 62 or older. It allows them to borrow money from their home without incurring a monthly payment. Most homeowner’s that choose a RM use the proceeds for things like: home improvement, paying medical expenses, travel, etc.

What you may have heard:

The Government Owns the Home:FALSE; The homeowner is always the owner of the home. Yes, the loan will be paid back one day, but you are not “giving up your home” to the mortgage company or the government. The home will still be passed to the heirs and they can decide whether to keep it or sell it.

Let me get back on track. RM are not for everyone. I realize that. In fact, when I’m consulting with people, if I think there is a better option for them, I’ll recommend it. But for those who it can help…and it’s a good fit…I’ve seen it change their lives. We help a lot of seniors that are in a jam. A lot of seniors who are in great need. Some who have caring family. Some with no family. Some with a family that would rather see them eat cat food than lose a larger inheritance. Some that are in bankruptcy and/or foreclosure. Some that live in 2 million dollar homes. (Yes, you heard correct, we do Revere Mortgages on million dollar homes.)

Overall, what I’m trying to say is that this has become a great, viable tool for many seniors. Right now, in the U.S., we are seeing 10-20,000 seniors a month take out a RM. I know for our office and our company, we love what we do and consider it a ministry.

With questions/concerns/comments, feel free to email me at:

My Take on The 07 Former Peach Bowl

January 1, 2008

* My Dad called me last Saturday night with a free ticket. Hmmmmm….let me think about it…ABSOLUTELY I’ll go!

* I am absolutely shocked that we ran our new offense. We only had a few days to implement it. I thought we would run our normal offense and mix in a few new plays. Props to Tony Franklin (new offensive coordinator) and the players. They got it done. (I guess when you are 101st in offense out of 119 teams…you make the change as quickly as possible.)

* Jeff Francoeur of the Atlanta Braves led the Invocation. Yeah, you heard me right, they had an Invocation at a Bowl Game. 2 quick thoughts: This would only happen at a Bowl Game sponsored by Chick-Fil-A. Also, it wasn’t a fru-fru prayer. Very heartfelt, seemed genuine…and he closed with “…and we pray all these things in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.” Cool stuff. My thoughts on the prayer are this: I’m not real big on Christians who spend (waste) a lot of time trying to force non believers to do Christian things. That’s not what they were doing last night…I’m just saying, some Christians would view last night as, “Ha, yeah, we showed them. We showed all those liberals! We had prayer before a ballgame. Booyah!” Semi-related: I’ll probably never boycott Disney, for any reason. On the other hand, I thought the prayer was special. It was great to see a great organization like Chick-Fil-A simply acting out their beliefs (they give tons of money away to great causes) and not being overly affected by our politically correct society.

* Clemson fans are great. No qualms with them at all. Going in to the game I had heard they were a classy bunch, and they showed it last night. (Even the hundreds of students who visited the beer stand a little too much.)

* Kodi Burns (Freshman quarterback) will be fun to watch in our new offense next year.

* Over the past 8 years, LSU & Auburn have the best records in the SEC. Those who have problems with Tuberville should keep that in mind. (And Tuberville actually cares about his players graduating and becoming men of integrity too.)

* AU’s senior class this year was only the 2nd senior class to win 50 games at Auburn.

* This year was the 40th anniversary of the Chick-Fil-A Bowl.

* First time in the Bowl’s history there was an overtime.

* Sat on the 13 yard line, 4 sections over from the Clemson Band.

* Special thanks to my wife for allowing me to go. ๐Ÿ™‚

Auburnโ€™s 423 yards in total offense was the highest total for the season. Not a bad start for Auburnโ€™s new offensive coordinator. It was the most yards gained against Clemson all season, which came into the game as the No. 6 rated defense in the country. (Thanks to StatTiger at