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For My Auburn Friends

January 29, 2008

Funny Charts, click HERE.

The guys at The Auburner do a great job. Funny stuff.

Pic Reminds Me of Atari

January 29, 2008


To Spit or Not To Spit

January 27, 2008

It’s never been a question.


I have a horrible habit. I spit. (No surprise there, eh? I do live in GA.) But seriously, everytime I step outside, I seem to spit. It really serves no purpose….unless I’m coughin up some flem. (Ha, you could have done without that, right?!)

I think it comes from playing baseball. Besides running down fly balls and scooping up grounders and hitting, what you mainly do in baseball as a kid is spit. It’s part of the game. It’s an artform (ha).

So I’m trying to break this habit. I know any day now I’ll be coming out of an important meeting or forgetting who I’m with, etc, and BOOM – projectile from mouth to ground. Gross.

Any tips on breaking this habit? (I’ve considered duct tape, but it seems a bit painful.)

Something We Seem To Be Horrible At, But Should Excel In

January 27, 2008

THIS infuriates me!

I unfortunately have found this to be true WAY TOO MANY times. Hey gang, let’s get a clue. 15% is the standard. If you are ever going to dare and leave a tract or invite card, then at least make it 20. Or, maybe do something even crazier. Leave an invite card with an extra $20 bill (in addition to the tip).

I realize we’re all human. And I realize that just b/c someone attends church doesn’t mean they are a true believer. But this just confuses me like crazy and really really upsets me.

Let’s turn the tide. Let’s change the trend. Let’s make Sunday (and every other day for that matter) the best shift on the schedule. Be generous. Be patient. Use that opportunity to encourage them. BE GENEROUS.

Horrible Tragedy / Powerful Message

January 25, 2008

2 yr old drowns in pool

Father speaking at the memorial service:



Take 30 minutes and be challenged. Be changed.

Friday’s DID YOU KNOW?

January 25, 2008

The nation’s largest college campus is 40 minutes from my house – here in NW Georgia.


26,000-acre campus! Good golly.

On a semi-related note, THIS is the best college on planet earth.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Big Day

January 24, 2008

Really big day today. We have an info meeting about KiDs Beach Club. It’s being held at Westridge Church in Dallas, GA. Russ Gregory (Executive Director) and his wife, Michelle Gregory (National Training Director), are flying in from TX to help host the event.

The vision that has been cast by some church leaders in this area is quite simple: They want EVERY Elementary School in Paulding County to have a Beach Club in it. So, today we are getting together for a brief meeting to further cast that vision.

Shall be fun.
Pray hard.

Update: Meeting went incredibly well. A lot of interest and Russ and Michelle did a fantastic job. It was great to be around area children’s ministers…having that common bond of loving kids and loving Christ and wanting to see families changed and integrated to the local church. Gets your blood goin’!