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Glad They Were There

March 29, 2008

7 days ago my church held an amazing community outreach event – the first annual Cartersville EGGDROP. It created quite a buzz around town because of the great success of the event…and the chaos of the event. In case you didn’t hear – an estimated 5,000 people showed up. The church only planned for maybe 2,000. Overall, the day was perfect. Great weather, smiling kids, WONDERFUL volunteers, lots of eggs, live music,….the list goes on. The mishap was a miscommunication with the pilot of the helicopter – resulting in eggs being dumped on people (most people are laughing now). Also, 200 volunteers and limited security trying to manage over 5,000 people was crazy ridiculous.

The point of bringing up this “old story” (amazing how news becomes old quickly) is to shine a light on Oak Leaf’s volunteers. During the drop, quite a few kids became separated from their parents. I was near the main stage, which quickly became “ground zero” for reconnecting kids with parents. As I think back to what seemed chaotic at the time, I realize just how GREAT all these crazy people in yellow shirts were. Nobody panicked (at least not on the outside too much). Everyone focused on securing kids and keeping everyone calm. They continued to do what they had been doing for hours – whatever was needed. They continued to serve.

I told Dana later that evening, “Thank goodness it was Oak Leaf’s volunteers there during that time.” What a tremendous job they did….doing eggactly what needed to be done. (I just had to work in my corny “eggactly”.)


Odd Saturday

March 29, 2008

No ballgames going on…Dana doesn’t have class…no going to work…SHOCKER – we have no obligations today! Just goofin’ with the kids and attempting to rest (and getting over strep throat).

God of this City – Chris Tomlin

March 28, 2008

I love Healthcare in America

March 28, 2008

Ok, ok,… I just used the title to grab your attention. This is not a post to debate the current conditions of healthcare in America. It’s a simple, brief, post to say I love my doctor. Homeboy hooked me up yesterday.

Here’s a rough outline of my 45 second visit:

Doc, I think I have strep or a serious sinus infection.
Let me take a peek at your throat. Yep, it’s red. I can swab it if you’d like but it won’t change what I’m going to do…here’s an antibiotic….also, last year when you had strep, I gave you a shot. Want one again?
Absolutely. That helped a ton.
Very good. Well, have a good weekend.
You too.

I wish all visits were that easy.


March 27, 2008

Question of the Day: Is there anything worse on planet earth than attending a Homeowner’s Association Meeting?

Answer of the Day: Absolutely not.

how to spell jo(h)na(o)tha(o)n

March 26, 2008

THIS Jonathan told me about THIS Jonathan’s post on how to correctly spell Jonathan. Finally, decades of frustration eloquently put into simple, yet firm, instruction and rebuke. Very nice.
Be sure to read the whole post…and check out the “See Also” at the bottom.

Going Old School

March 25, 2008

Today I felt like going Old School. Instead of cranking my morning off with TAKE IT ALL by Hillsong United, I instead found THIS masterpiece. This is my all-time favorite hymn. Powerful lyrics.

So, what is your favorite hymn?