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Burnt Orange & Navy Blue

April 27, 2008

The title is just a goofy way to say I’m going to the ORANGE CONFERENCE tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to it as we launch full speed ahead in to leading OLC’s kid’s ministry. I’ll report back some of the good stuff we learn.

(p.s. It’s AU’s official colors if ya didn’t know.)

80’s Stud

April 27, 2008

Not sure who this guy was at the Oak Leaf Church 80’s Volunteer Prom…but what a stud. Skinny tie, nice long blonde hair, grey sport coat, and surrounded by prom dresses and 85 gallons of hair spray. Nice young man, nice.

For more, click here.

(I tried to convince Dana to keep that hair style going…not happening.)

Future, Present, and 2 Week Notices

April 26, 2008

I finished out my 2 week notice yesterday. About 1/2 way in to it, I came home one evening and answered Dana’s question of, “Well, how was work, how’s it going?” I told her it was fine and that I was working hard to generate any business I could before I left. I was pounding the phones and touching base with as many prospects as possible. After all, whether you have 100 days left or 1, you should always do your best. That’s a given.

But then I also told her of the awkwardness of a 2 week notice. Each day you come in to the office, it’s like a farewell all over again. You feel like others are probably getting sick of saying the same things over and over again. You don’t want to be a nuisance. The best way I could describe it to her was:

If you are not part of the future, it’s kind of difficult to be part of the present.

As soon as I said it, I realized the statement could have great spiritual application. I talked with my buddy Chris about it, and we discussed how if you are not Kingdom minded, then your motivation in living for Him NOW will be minimal. If you are not looking forward to our future hope & home, then the desire to pursue the lost NOW will not be what it should be. Also, any “present sufferings” can seem unbearable without remembering the future that God has promised.

So, the challenge this week: Live Kingdom minded – therefore participating daily in the work He’s called us to!

Quite the Honor

April 24, 2008

My good friend and co-worker and church going buddy, David Busey, decided to honor my departure from the Sales world by painting his toenails blue & orange (since I’m an Auburn freak).

David needs professional help.

2 highly recommended messages

April 24, 2008


(you can skip ahead to the talks…or enjoy the worship too)

The God Story (much abbreviated)

April 24, 2008

I had this long, elaborate post ready to put on the blog…all describing my journey up to this point…and how I’ve arrived at becoming Family Pastor of OLC. Then I realized I wrote a book. And I never read long posts, so why would I expect you to do the same? So I’ve cut out 42,617 details and shortened it to a few brief sentences.

Through God’s Providence, moved to Cartersville in 2005.

Have been involved in ministry (mostly bivocational) for 13 years.

A buddy from out of state emailed me b/c he ran across something online mentioning some guy named Michael who was going to plant a church.

I met with Michael at Rafferty’s the next day.

Dana and I became part of the launch team. (Not THIS kind of launch.)

At that time, our kids made up 1/2 the children’s ministry!

We’ve served and volunteered, mostly in the children’s area.

Over the past 6 months, God finally got my attention enough to show me why he put Dana and I together – to dedicate our lives in Ministry toward kids. (Only took 8 years of marriage to figure that out!)

Never thought I’d have a strong desire to work with kids. Now, I can’t get enough of it.

I’m very very (as in very) EXCITED about leading this ministry.

For the rest of the story, come see me at OLC on Sunday mornings.
(Be sure to arrive at 6am for setup.) 🙂

Plug for the ministry my wife is involved in. LINK
Spent 4.5 years in THIS city.
I think THIS is funny.

50 second break

April 23, 2008

Best “evil eye” I’ve ever seen.