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Let’s See What Happens

April 8, 2008

No clue what I’d like to blog about this morning, so I figured I’d just start typing. Saw a buddy from college over the weekend – him and his wife spent a few years as missionaries in the Philippines. I wanted to play disc golf in Huntsville this weekend, weather did not cooperate. Someone in our office just made a Starbucks run. I can’t tell you what I’m drinking, it’s a sissy drink. Didn’t really watch the championship basketball game last night – bring on some football…Fall cannot come quick enough. North GA is being invaded by yellow pollen like nobody’s business. You basically bathe in it when you step outside. Dana is doing a phenomenal job with KiDs Beach Club. Fall of 08 will be huge for this ministry. I have the best kids on planet earth. They are unique. I’m a lucky Dad. I also have this Heavenly Father that loves us like crazy mad. He’s unconditional in his grace and kindness. Have you heard? His mercy is new every morning. The end of today’s post. Later.

Update: Braves seem to have the same problem they’ve always had – closing pitching.