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Help Indeed

April 9, 2008

I was thinking today about prayer…and how we often ask God to help a lot of people – “Lord, help Billy with his test today…help Aunt LuLu get better in the hospital…help me find a new job…help my neighbor’s car…help my football team go undefeated this year….help help help…”. It was during my own prayer, asking for help, that I stopped and just pondered what I was doing. Did I really mean it? It’s such common language, prayer language that is. Had I really thought about what I’m asking God for? More importantly, do I fully realize what’s happening in that moment? The exchange that’s taking place?

And then there’s the whole guy thing. We don’t like to ask for help. We, indeed, like to show our independence…our lack of any aid…WE can handle this, I can do it. Yet, daily, we are called to approach the Creator of the Universe and lay down our controlling ways, becoming utterly dependant upon Him for every single thing. All rights given up.

Help. It’s a big word. It’s an important word. Do you mean it? Do you trust the Author who will give an answer?

Listen to my cry for help, my King and my God, for to you I pray. Psalm 5:2

Best Game Ever

April 9, 2008