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Perceived Value of School

April 12, 2008

Know how kids always start asking you a ton of questions as you are putting them to bed? The ole delay strategy. Well, it’s used in the Sutton household every single evening. In particular, my 5 yr old Logan has become a Master at this.

His question is the EXACT SAME every night. He wants to know what tomorrow will bring, “Daddy, what are we doing tomorrow?” And 5 out of 7 nights my answer is exactly the same, “Logan, you are going to go to sleep and then tomorrow you are going to school.” Usually the answer suffices.

The other night, however, Logan did something to throw me for a loop and send me in to a GREAT LAUGHING SPELL. After posing the routine question…and me giving my routine answer…he, as naturally and innocently as possible, exclaims, “But…but…but Daddy, I keep going going and going to school, all the time,…and my teacher, she keeps talking and talking and I do those same papers over and over…AND I ALREADY KNOW EVERYTHING!”

I didn’t even attempt to explain anything…I just smiled and laughed and told him I loved him and said goodnight.

Extra Credit: Yes, it made me think of THIS song.