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Weekend Recap

April 14, 2008

* Took the kids to get a haircut at a “cool kid haircut place”. They had video games and toys and the kids sat in airplanes and fire engines while getting their hair cut. Good idea…but WAY pricey…won’t be back.

* Almost went to PASSION 08. Had a late last minute ticket, for Saturday, but decided to hang with the Fam. I heard it was very very good. (I wanted to say awesome, but that’s so 90’s.)

* Taught a bunch of rug rats at church to never ever give up praying. To be persistent in prayer. Never Stop Praying! 1 Thessalonians 5:17.

* Hired a babysitter last night and went with Dana to Oak Leaf’s first church in a bar service. It went great. Afterwards, Dana and I had an abbreviated date – went to Chili’s for some chips and salsa.

* Woke up this morning wondering if it was April or November. Possible snow showers today in North Georgia. Yeah…go figure.