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April 15, 2008

Spoke with an older Nigerian man recently (very cool accent) who went on a 20 minute rant about the moral condition of America. He mainly centered his schpill around how children are often seen as a burden. Something he said stood out:
“Mr. Jonathan (remember, very cool accent), in my country…where I grew up…when a woman gave birth to her 10th child, she would be honored in her village. She would be royalty! She would be like a QUEEN.”

Ok, ok, stop your laughing. I know, I know. Your Western mind is like mine. 10 kids, yeah right! Ha. But the point is still solid. Wow, how right on he was. Think about how far (away from goodness) we’ve come.

He continued to go on about his children, now grown, and just how special they were to him. Him and his wife “only had 4” and he wished that God had granted them many more. He also spoke of larger families that he knew and how God’s Grace was sufficient.

While you may not be called to have tons of kids…or perhaps any kids…I strongly feel this is a healthy, Biblical mindset we should always maintain. And believe me, some days it’s much harder to think this way amidst the chaos of preschool aged kids.

Unusual Challenge: Next time you see a large family, go up to them and bless them. Encourage them with your words. I can guarantee you they don’t hear it that often.

Lucky 7

April 15, 2008

So, did you survive tax season? How’d ya do? Don’t you just love our government?….so kind, so giving, so organized and responsible…ahhh, taxes,…so easy to figure out….smooth system….(HA!).

Well, just wanted to share with you that Dana and I had 7 things to report this year. 7 different jobs (Five W2’s and Two 1099’s). Yeah, I know, crazy eh? Three of them were really the same job for me, the company just went through acquisitions, etc. I just found it humorous every time I kept entering another job. “My goodness, we did that TOO?”

08 should be a bit more normal. Maybe we will only have 3-5 sources of income.