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motivation for yard work

April 18, 2008

OK, if they can do THIS, I guess I can get out in my own yard and attempt to grow something.

Traditional Signage

April 18, 2008

It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned church signs…so here’s a unique story. Last weekend me and Fam were driving around Acworth area, heading over to Dallas, GA. We passed a church with multiple signs out front…and as I read each sign, I had different reactions. It went something like this:

Sign #1: “Traditional Service”
Hmmm…I thought…that’s different. That really stands out. Obviously this area is full of intersections that have signs of new church plants, telling the masses of their new services. And obviously these new services are not traditional, by no means. So my first reaction was, “Good for them.” They are letting people know that they’re sticking with their traditional service…because that fits them…and if that’s your cup of tea, cmon in.

Sign #2: “We sing old hymns”
Hey, still with ya. If you have a traditional service, it only makes sense that your worship style would be traditional as well. I was still on board. They obviously were making a statement b/c of the “invasion” of new church plants in their area…and they were letting everyone know what they were all about. I’m still game.

Sign #3: “We use the old Bible”
Ummm… over. You lost me bro. WHAT?!?! Ok, now your clever signs out front make sense to me. I guess you were just shooting for the ole MAKING A STATEMENT thing and not really inviting people, eh? Wow, just wow. I can understand it, though. One of the criticisms of new “modern” church starts is their “watering down” of Scripture, etc. And maybe rightfully so. I’m sure there’s some that have done a poor job of teaching the Word properly. But from my experience with church planting…and having visited a lot of church plants…the exact opposite is true. Many are doing a phenomenal job of explaining Scripture and adhering to Biblical truth. Yeah, sure, the style and approach are different. And yeah, I also realize that this particular sign was probably referring to using the KJV. I’m just avoiding that debate all together. 🙂