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A 5th Grader Preached at our Church Today

April 20, 2008

Another good day at the Leaf today. Another great time hanging in The City, K-5th. A very cool thing happened today. I was alerted to the fact that someone put a $100 bill in the offering. Out of curiosity (and yeah, I guess also to make sure it wasn’t a mistake), we asked around. I found out it was a 5th grade boy, so I went and asked him about it. “Did your parents give it to you to put in?” I asked. “Nope,” he replied, “I won $500 in a poetry contest so I decided to give one hundred of it today, to the church…it’s my tithe.”

Ummm….yeah….awesome, eh?! Convicted any?

It gets better: I spoke with his Mom when she came to pick him up and she says that she told him that he only had to give $50, a ten percent tithe. But she said his reply was, “Nah, I want to give a whole hundred.”

It gets better: When he was telling me the story, he was really excited about winning the contest…and equally or more excited about immediately giving the money. He was a cheerful giver. (2 Cor 9:7)

So, yeah, my pastor’s message was good this morning. In fact, it was really good. But it was tough to top the lesson the kids learned (we shared it with his small group)…and us adults who were blessed by the story.

Bottom Line: It’s God’s money. We can trust him. Give quickly. Give faithfully. Give cheerfully.

Drive Thru: OLC style

April 20, 2008

Our youth minister and youth intern have way too much time on their hands.


(i loved it)