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Out & About

May 31, 2008

Stayed home for most of today, but then had an eventful evening.

+ Me and the staff boys met at 5pm and put out some Oak Leaf Church road signs. My two oldest assisted me. We successfully dodged cars. 🙂

+ While putting up a sign near Walmart, I ran in to a dude that lives in my neighborhood. I’ve invited him several (dozen) times, but have laid off for awhile. He mentioned something about how he thought it was cool when we were in the theater. I told him we are re-launching a campus there. He said that was cool and that when him and the fam return from their summer trip, he’s coming to visit for the first time.

+ After the road signs, Dana calls to say her car won’t start and she’s stuck at the store. Me and the my 2 oldest boys go up there and jump the car off and drive it to an auto store. Yep, bad battery. While standing in line, a guy strikes up a conversation with me and reminds me to “take pictures and cherish em while their young.” He proceeds to tell me that his oldest just graduated high school. I ask him some questions about where his son is going to college, etc, and then asked him which high school his son just finished. He said Woodland High School. My 6 yr old then jumped in on the conversation and said, “Hey, that’s where we go to church…” Good job Braden.

+ Going back to the jumping Dana’s car off part of the evening: A nice gentlemen stayed around to make sure it would start. He gave me some advice on how to line up my cables and told me some stuff about a car battery that only a really smart person would know. (My guess: He was an engineer.) After helping us out…it took forever for her dead battery to get charged enough to crank…this guy whips out an invite card to his church. He was from Cartersville First Baptist and he was an IT dude there. He knew some of our friends from there and we shot the breeze a bit. Very cool guy.

+ And Dana is one step closer to having a full fledged office of her own. It has now been painted. All the junk is out of there. A few decorations to come. Most importantly: Her hard earned diploma will be hanging on the wall.

No Cheap Image

May 30, 2008

In Sydney, a light show is being staged to mark this week’s Fifa Congress meeting in the Australian city. The images of international football legends are the largest projections ever cast onto the bridge.

I think college towns need to do this. That’s just cool.

Sausage Biscuits and The Call of God

May 30, 2008

We need to be careful. The Call of God on someone’s life, to go do a specific thing, should never be reduced to a formula. It can’t be minimized to any certain, similar set of circumstances. Why do I bring this up? Well, I just think here in the Bible Belt, especially, we have been known to (either intentionally or unintentionally) say, “THIS is what it looks like to be called in to the ministry”…or “THIS is what you must do next.” Now, over the past 10 or so years, I think we’ve had less of that. And I think that change is good.

The specific call to ministry looks very different for many people. If you pulled 10 people in the same room, you should hear 10 unique stories. Don’t get me wrong, there will be similar parts of each story. But how each individual arrived at knowing they were supposed to do f/t ministry will be (should be) unique.

God’s timing amazes me. For starters, it’s rarely our timing. I knew in college that I wanted to do f/t ministry. In His providence, He placed me around amazing followers of Christ that lived and breathed ministry. One of the simple ways (among many others) that I knew I would be in f/t ministry is the fact that I could rarely ever read Scripture without imagining how I would present it…thinking of illustrations….getting so fired up over a passage and thinking, “I HAVE TO go tell everybody about this. This is rich! They gotta hear.”

But the road and process of getting in to a f/t ministry position was not want I had originally planned. It was longer than I expected. It was more confusing than I expected. It was doing something that I never expected – working with kids (and loving it!).

Bonus #1: Everyone is called to do ministry. Some are specifically called “in to” ministry, to lead and serve the church. But, EVERYBODY is called to minister.
Bonus #2: About the sausage biscuits…umm…yeah, I just like em. That’s all.

Where Ministry Happens

May 29, 2008

There’s a lot of good stuff happening on a Sunday morning. After all, it’s our front door. And it’s planned and prepped for and prayed over and tons of energy is put in to it. But as Michael and other staff has been saying for a long time, you’ll miss the point of it all if your experience never goes beyond a Sunday morning. In other words, you will not get to where God wants you to be if you simply just attend on a Sunday morning. (That’s true of any church, anywhere.)

Over the past several weeks, I’ve THOROUGHLY ENJOYED being in the community, not having to commute 40 minutes south of Cartersville. I’ve enjoyed connecting with people and hearing their story. I’ve enjoyed the random run-ins and connection times. And I loved getting our Journey Group cranked back up last night. In these gatherings, both planned and spontaneous, ministry (life change) is happening. Meeting people where they are, conversations come easier.

Nothing new here, I know. Just a reminder that we should all be gathering, throughout the week….planned and spontaneous….constantly praying, and sharing, and praising our Great God, and learning together, and caring for each other….going beyond the Sunday morning.

Wednesday’s Question

May 28, 2008

Assuming you grew up in church, what was your favorite part of church as a kid, and why?

Extra Credit: Assuming you go now, what is your favorite part?

You have permission to not give a “churchy” answer. 🙂

Very Strange Post

May 27, 2008

Yep. Strange indeed. What you are looking at is one of the new tires that was installed on Dana’s suburban today. Why am I boring you with this ridiculous post? No good reason. 🙂 Just a slow day in blog world I suppose. Ha.

But here’s the main point (as if there is one): These are LT tires – “light truck”. The previous tires were passenger tires and did not carry the weight of a 98 Suburban well at all. I feel that I’ve successful converted her Kid Carrier in to a real truck. Ok, not really. But I have decreased the likelihood of the car hydroplaning off the road during rain – dude, you should have seen the baldies we were riding on. Not good.

Less Has Been Better

May 27, 2008

I’ve watched far less tv lately, mainly due to getting acclimated to my new job. Lots of work to do. I figured I wouldn’t miss it much, and I was right. Less is far better.

One reward for watching less tv is less frustration. Take tonight for example. We return from being out of town, get the kids to bed, so I flip on the news (first bad idea). It was CNN (much worse idea). They had a special on the War in Iraq. It seemed to have some interesting footage and a decent storyline. But in less than 5 minutes, they managed to tick me off and insult our troops. They were reviewing one of the major parts of the War – the fight for Fallujah. The journalist spent less than 3 seconds talking about what our troops accomplished there and the sacrifice they made and just how well they dominated a very difficult situation…and instead glamorized the Fallujah fighters and talked about their martyrdom – and it really wasn’t even what the journalist said, but how he said it. His eyes were lit up and he almost seemed excited about what the enemy had done. It bordered praising them.

I try to stay out of this junk. Everyone knows how slanted most of the media is. Everyone knows CNN leans left and FOX leans right. No bigee. Not new news. But I get beyond irritated when someone would rather praise our enemy’s efforts instead of THANKING our troups or giving credit where it is due. Perhaps I’m not being fair since I didn’t watch the whole report. But what I saw in 5 minutes was downright disgusting.