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May 1, 2008

No, the good kind. I’m back from this conference…but I’m not on a conference high. I’m overwhelmed for other reasons. I’m simple just amazed/dumbfounded/shocked/amazed (I already said that one, didn’t I?) /perplexed/humbled/motivated by God’s Providence and Grace and Mercy (new every morning). God has done some amazing things in my life recently and I’m simply amazed at how He never lets go of us, He never gives up on us…we can run to the mountains, we can run to the depths of the sea…but we can’t escape His Will, His calling on our life. He forgives. He renews. He loves, and then loves some more. He is Faithful when we are not. I’m simply overwhelmed tonight at His loving plan and how He blesses His people, his chosen people, with so many good things when we deserve the exact opposite.

My response to this kind of love and pursuit of our Loving God?
Glory to Him! Glory to Him! Glory to Him!
Have all of me, have all of me, have all of me.