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Sunday Night Extravaganza

May 5, 2008

* I’m learning how to use my first Mac. 2 months from now, I’ll love it (especially the media stuff). Right now, though, I feel like a first grader sitting at a computer. No, seriously.

* Big week this week: My first week at the church office. (I’ve heard staff meetings are like a circus….just kidding, I’ve heard their like a zoo. ha.) At the end of the week, Dana is graduating from college! She started working on her degree a decade ago. Four kids later, she’s walking with diploma in hand. I’m VERY PROUD of her! Her degree is Christian Counseling and she will begin working on her Masters in the Fall. She’s going to be a great, great counselor (already is).

* I want Oak Leaf to become known as “That Kids Church”.

* I want kids to follow Christ and then serve other kids in the community.

* Will tell you later this week about a new site I’m starting in June. Bought the domain name already, I think it’s going to be a cool deal.

* Did anyone really think the Hawks would beat the Celtics? (Answer: no)

* I met another Auburn fan at Oak Leaf this morning. I feel better about my decision to work there. 🙂