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Have a Great Monday

May 12, 2008

Great Question

May 12, 2008

Jimmy gave a great challenge to the graduates on Friday (at Dana’s graduation). We served under Jimmy when living in KY. Side note: He’s from the same church/hometown as Michael, our pastor.

He told a story of when he was getting his seminary degree…how a professor, who had a brilliant mind and had written several books and had received accolades and was experiencing success in his work, had gone home to visit his grandmother. During the visit, this professor was telling his grandmother of all the recent things he had been involved with and she pulled him to the side and said, “That’s wonderful honey…but do you love Jesus more?”

Jimmy then challenged the students to not let their education go to waste. He reminded them of 1 Corinthians 13. Are we loving Jesus more, because of our work? Are we loving the church more? The lost? People? Is our love for Christ ever growing?

The grandmother got it. That’s great wisdom…and a very important question to be answered.