Yesterday was great. I love the diversity of my days now. Quite different from sitting at a desk all day long. Some quick hits:

* Extended staff meeting. Very energizing. Talking about reaching people is downright fun.
* Talked to a great friend about ministering to college students.
* Saw the movie Iron Man.
* Sat through a 30 minute presentation about youth & sports…had to do it so my kids could play t-ball. I expected it to be a complete bore, but it wasn’t too bad. Did you know that 25 million kids participate in sports…but by the time they reach 13, there is a 70% drop out rate?
* And one of the best parts of the day: I got a call from one of our 5th grade students and her mom – wondering if she could go to the youth deal on Sunday morning since she was going to be bringing her friend who is in the 8th grade. Hmmm…let’s see…should I have been a stickler and said, “No! Promotion Sunday is not for another 2 weeks! You must stay in your area!”? Uh, no. I said, “Absolutely! If you are bringing a friend to church for the first time, you can ABSOLUTELY go with her to her specific area! And by the way, GREAT JOB on inviting your friend to church with you! Keep it up! See you on Sunday!”

Good stuff.

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