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More Important

May 19, 2008

Immersed now for a few years in the churchplanting world, I’ve become very familiar with certain terms and phrases:

Vision, Structure, Leadership, Model, Energy Drinks (had to throw that one in there), Blog, Growth, Expansion, Campus, Team, Serve…

I was reminded tonight though, that while these terms are all fine and good, they are simply a vehicle to deliver far more important things. I was reminded of this when I heard how one of our volunteers connected with a middle school student who is dealing with tough issues, including cancer in the family. It made me stop and think of more important terms:

Hope, Life, Cancer, Sickness, Care, People, Strength, Relationships, Bonded in Him, Salvation, Faith, Love, Truth,…Jesus.

We must never get so caught up in methodology and strategy (doesn’t mean we don’t work hard, though) that we forget the Cornerstone of our life – why we do what we do and to whom God has called us to serve and invest in.