Juicy Gossip on My Pastor

One of my Pastor’s kids is spending the night at our house tonight. Hey, four kids is crazy, why not add one more, eh?! As any good staff member would do, I am taking full advantage of the situation by asking their kid a ton of questions about good ole Dad. So, for all the local chit chat clubs and blogs and whoever, here’s what I’ve dug up so far:

He’s a good daddy who plays ball and reads books. He loves Jesus and talks about Him a lot. He encourages His kids to do the same and tells them to invite their friends to church, all the time. He’s made mistakes and owned up to them. He wants nothing more than to see hundreds and thousands of people in this community come to faith in Christ and he stretches the staff and volunteers hard, pushing us to give our very best for this Kingdom Agenda – a cause worth giving our everything. He’s been known to buy designer jeans. BOOM, told you I had juicy stuff!

The above text was not derived from asking any questions of the Pastor’s kids. No interrogation took place. Simply put, it was a cheesy way of saying I’m glad Michael is our Pastor, he’s doing a knock out job, and he’s a leader that can trusted and followed – no matter how crazy his ideas may seem sometimes. Also, no animals were harmed in the making of this post.

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