"Roughin" It, Part II

It’s still in me. That’s what has been on my brain since returning from our fishing extravaganza. You see, I grew up fishing and hunting…and basically ALWAYS being outdoors – anything from riding bikes to wiffle ball games to bee bee guns and slingshots. That was the norm. And somewhere between college and working on my Master’s and doing Sales and now f/t Ministry…you do that kind of stuff far less. Oh, I know, the whole growing up thing. Yeah, I get it. But, I’m determined to do far more stuff outside now. It does something to your soul. I’m gonna get over the fact that my allergies and some of my kid’s allergies are bad. We’ll fix it somehow. Being outside all day – especially after months and months of doing inside work – renews you like crazy. My dad and 2 brothers are big time outdoorsee dudes…and though I ended up being the different one (Biz Degree), my roots still scream within me – go jump in a stinkin’ lake and get your stinkin’ hands dirty! (Or something like that.) 🙂

After this weekend, I’m now going to convince the Oak Leaf staff to allow me to start an outdoor service – preferably when it’s storming and dangerous. Hmmmm…the kid’s area would be a bit of a challenge…

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