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Very Strange Post

May 27, 2008

Yep. Strange indeed. What you are looking at is one of the new tires that was installed on Dana’s suburban today. Why am I boring you with this ridiculous post? No good reason. 🙂 Just a slow day in blog world I suppose. Ha.

But here’s the main point (as if there is one): These are LT tires – “light truck”. The previous tires were passenger tires and did not carry the weight of a 98 Suburban well at all. I feel that I’ve successful converted her Kid Carrier in to a real truck. Ok, not really. But I have decreased the likelihood of the car hydroplaning off the road during rain – dude, you should have seen the baldies we were riding on. Not good.

Less Has Been Better

May 27, 2008

I’ve watched far less tv lately, mainly due to getting acclimated to my new job. Lots of work to do. I figured I wouldn’t miss it much, and I was right. Less is far better.

One reward for watching less tv is less frustration. Take tonight for example. We return from being out of town, get the kids to bed, so I flip on the news (first bad idea). It was CNN (much worse idea). They had a special on the War in Iraq. It seemed to have some interesting footage and a decent storyline. But in less than 5 minutes, they managed to tick me off and insult our troops. They were reviewing one of the major parts of the War – the fight for Fallujah. The journalist spent less than 3 seconds talking about what our troops accomplished there and the sacrifice they made and just how well they dominated a very difficult situation…and instead glamorized the Fallujah fighters and talked about their martyrdom – and it really wasn’t even what the journalist said, but how he said it. His eyes were lit up and he almost seemed excited about what the enemy had done. It bordered praising them.

I try to stay out of this junk. Everyone knows how slanted most of the media is. Everyone knows CNN leans left and FOX leans right. No bigee. Not new news. But I get beyond irritated when someone would rather praise our enemy’s efforts instead of THANKING our troups or giving credit where it is due. Perhaps I’m not being fair since I didn’t watch the whole report. But what I saw in 5 minutes was downright disgusting.