Wednesday’s Question

Assuming you grew up in church, what was your favorite part of church as a kid, and why?

Extra Credit: Assuming you go now, what is your favorite part?

You have permission to not give a “churchy” answer. 🙂

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3 Comments on “Wednesday’s Question”

  1. Kaela Says:

    Favorite then ( and this is for WEHN we did go) was my Sunday bag. Children went to service so mom would make my bro and I a bag for Sunday’s only . Buddy I don’t remember the pastor talking anything about Jesus but I know I beat my brother at a lot of games.

    Favorite now would be the City. I love waking up on Sundays to get to church way to early so church can be fun for kids. I love seeing their bright faces, HEARING their amazing child voices SINGING PRAISE to God, I love little kid prayers, and little kid salvations, I love watching little children learn about their Father and delighting in that.

  2. Kimberly Says:

    As a kid I used to love singing and the cookies… I guess it was really just more the whole sundayschool program that was offered back then (think 1970’s). It was always a safe place where I felt included and accepted.

    I think that now I usually enjoy the sermon the most… at least if it’s Michael. I like to learn and have food for thought and I get that from his sermons, along with a few other that I listen to online.

  3. Jonathan Sutton Says:

    Wow. 2 very good responses! Gets me pumped! Key elements I see mentioned here: Worship, Salvation, Love, Safety, Included, Acceptance.

    Good stuff.

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