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Where Ministry Happens

May 29, 2008

There’s a lot of good stuff happening on a Sunday morning. After all, it’s our front door. And it’s planned and prepped for and prayed over and tons of energy is put in to it. But as Michael and other staff has been saying for a long time, you’ll miss the point of it all if your experience never goes beyond a Sunday morning. In other words, you will not get to where God wants you to be if you simply just attend on a Sunday morning. (That’s true of any church, anywhere.)

Over the past several weeks, I’ve THOROUGHLY ENJOYED being in the community, not having to commute 40 minutes south of Cartersville. I’ve enjoyed connecting with people and hearing their story. I’ve enjoyed the random run-ins and connection times. And I loved getting our Journey Group cranked back up last night. In these gatherings, both planned and spontaneous, ministry (life change) is happening. Meeting people where they are, conversations come easier.

Nothing new here, I know. Just a reminder that we should all be gathering, throughout the week….planned and spontaneous….constantly praying, and sharing, and praising our Great God, and learning together, and caring for each other….going beyond the Sunday morning.