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May 31, 2008

Stayed home for most of today, but then had an eventful evening.

+ Me and the staff boys met at 5pm and put out some Oak Leaf Church road signs. My two oldest assisted me. We successfully dodged cars. 🙂

+ While putting up a sign near Walmart, I ran in to a dude that lives in my neighborhood. I’ve invited him several (dozen) times, but have laid off for awhile. He mentioned something about how he thought it was cool when we were in the theater. I told him we are re-launching a campus there. He said that was cool and that when him and the fam return from their summer trip, he’s coming to visit for the first time.

+ After the road signs, Dana calls to say her car won’t start and she’s stuck at the store. Me and the my 2 oldest boys go up there and jump the car off and drive it to an auto store. Yep, bad battery. While standing in line, a guy strikes up a conversation with me and reminds me to “take pictures and cherish em while their young.” He proceeds to tell me that his oldest just graduated high school. I ask him some questions about where his son is going to college, etc, and then asked him which high school his son just finished. He said Woodland High School. My 6 yr old then jumped in on the conversation and said, “Hey, that’s where we go to church…” Good job Braden.

+ Going back to the jumping Dana’s car off part of the evening: A nice gentlemen stayed around to make sure it would start. He gave me some advice on how to line up my cables and told me some stuff about a car battery that only a really smart person would know. (My guess: He was an engineer.) After helping us out…it took forever for her dead battery to get charged enough to crank…this guy whips out an invite card to his church. He was from Cartersville First Baptist and he was an IT dude there. He knew some of our friends from there and we shot the breeze a bit. Very cool guy.

+ And Dana is one step closer to having a full fledged office of her own. It has now been painted. All the junk is out of there. A few decorations to come. Most importantly: Her hard earned diploma will be hanging on the wall.