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Sunday Funday

June 30, 2008
  • Our Elementary Ministry could not meet in the Cafeteria today, so we had to use the gym. Turns out, the gym COMPLETELY ROCKS. Far more room, less smelly, better lighting, and better sound. Good stuff.
  • We talked about how Servant Leaders are Reliable.
  • New wireless mics – 20x better than previous stuff.
  • Met some very cool people at our Partnership Class after church. One dude told me he had not been living like he knew he should, had been getting our postcards, then one day hit a brick wall with his job. That was his breaking point and he decided to give God and church one last chance. That was 3 weeks ago and he said the past 3 weeks at OLC have rocked his world (and his family).
  • The previous comment makes getting up at 4:30am on Sundays much easier.
  • 3 weeks from today we are back at the movie theatre. Fun times.
  • Looking forward to hanging out with a few thousand people this Friday at Delinger Park – July 4th.
  • After some cosmic bowling with the staff tonight, I told Dana just how lucky we are to have the chemistry we do on our staff. Yeah, sure, tons of different personalities. But, it’s amazing just how well everyone gets along. All 150% committed to the God-given mission. All bustin’ our tales to reach more people.

Incredible Support (Family)

June 27, 2008

Dana and I are VERY lucky to have incredible family that supports us. Usually for a week or so every summer, my parents and her parents grab 2 kids each (reminder: we have 4!) to give us a break. (Who am I kidding, it’s really to give Dana a break. Plus, they just love their grandkids.) Here’s two pics from my mom’s cell phone of their recent activities with our two oldest. I’m proud of you Nana & Pop – you did a ton in just a few days. Rest is coming soon!

Blue Angels in Huntsville, AL
4 grandkids, one old dude, a boat, a dock, and some smelly fish

Not included: Water Park
Not included: Grandparents pulling their hair out. (just kidding)

The Chaos Within

June 27, 2008

It’s everywhere, I’m convinced. I’ve seen it in couples. Families. Organizations. Churches. Anything that involves people. The outward/inward thing. On the outside a couple appears fine. But on the inside they are on step number 4 towards divorce (and there are only 5 steps). Families – there used to be birthday celebrations and fish frys, but now they are lucky if the family even gets together for Christmas anymore. Organizations – the numbers are up and everything looks great…but soon, the inward office turmoil that was successfully kept secret for 2.5 years seeps out and things sink quick. Churches – lots of good smiles on Sunday morning and lots of people in place…everybody doing their thing…but inwardly some staff member or volunteer is on the brink of disaster and nobody knows it.

It’s the chaos within.

Not sure why this phrase popped in my head. Thinks are surprisingly calm in my world right now…but I’m up late thinking about the turmoil that people go through each day. And I think about the question my great wife thinks about whenever we face trials of our own: “How in the world does anyone go through these tough times without Christ? I don’t see how they make it.”

And while I think about these different life situations, all sharing the same common bond of inward chaos, I immediately think of this verse:

“He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.” Col 1:17 (read whole chapter HERE)

Since He is the Creator of all things, He is also the Sustainer of all things. And He is the peace of the inward chaos. He is the hope of the inward one day matching the outward. He is the one to cling to. The One to never give up on – He’s certainly not given up on you. The One that when your life is surrendered to Him, all things become new and the inward stands a chance now…after all, it is free.

He is Jesus.

Quote(s) of the Day

June 26, 2008

“From here on out, underdog does not mean anything. Write it down. Underdog does not mean anything. We showed anything can happen.”

“It’s mind over matter. It’s just a little pain. The pain is temporary. Pride is forever.”

– Fresno State Baseball players after winning the College World Series

I was pulling for UGA. Oh well.
Full story HERE.

Quick Swim, Anyone?

June 26, 2008

An early sign that I would one day end up in ministry, specifically with kids:

As a kid, I used to daydream in church just how cool it would be for a pool liner to be laid out all through the church, the church filled to the top with water, a hole cut in the roof, and then scuba dive all throughout the building.

I’m still holding out hope that this can be accomplished.

What Breath Mints Taught Me Today

June 25, 2008

Driving home from work today, I looked down at the small blue tub of Icebreaker breath mints sitting in my passenger seat. After popping one in my mouth, I observed the 2 tabs. The first says “to share”. The second, naturally, says “not to share”. For those of you who have enjoyed these tasty treats, you know that the “to share” tab is much bigger. When you pop that side open, about 1/2 the top comes open, giving easy access for someone to reach inside and grab one (or more). The “not to share” side only gives a small space, ideal for shaking out one mint for yourself.

So here’s the attempt at illustrating a point. When we get bold and share our lives (example: a journey group at church), or share our stuff (giving is better than receiving), and share our talents and our insights, share our lives by investing in the life of a kid or troubled teen, etc, we’re more open for God’s blessings and more open for great big stuff in our lives – learning from others. Like the mints (yeah, I know it’s a stretch, just stay with me) with the “to share” side, the opportunities are just better. On the opposite end, when you decide not to share and stay selfish with the talents God has given you, it’s easy to become self-centered, self-serving, and miss out on one of the greatest blessings of life – giving of yourself to lift someone else up.

So the challenge: SHARE. Whatever that means for you. Perhaps it’s opening up with a group and sharing a struggle. Maybe it’s sharing a gift you possess with the church, something you’ve been holding back on cause you’ve been nervous about serving. Share your Nintendo DS games – in case my 6 yr old reads this. And my favorite: share your wisdom and life experience and smile with a preschooler or elementary kid at Oak Leaf on Sunday morning. 🙂

by the way: the blue ones are better than the green ones

Bogged but Excited…and hopeful

June 24, 2008

Title says it all. That’s what is shaking in my world right now.