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Saturday Pre-Game

July 12, 2008

Sunday morning – almost here.
Top 5 pre-game thoughts:

  • During our practice setup this morning at Carmike, I assisted some dudes in setting up the stage (big huge pieces of stage). My good buddy Wade pointed out that carrying heavy stage might not be my spiritual gift. 🙂 I was a good bit slower than most of those studs. (No big deal though, I reminded Wade that I was better at Texas Hold’em.) 🙂
  • The heart of KidVenture is going to become partnering with parents. In other words, I want everything we do to center around the idea of inspiring/educating/resourcing parents to TAKE IT HOME – disciple their kids at home, building faith at home. Yesterday, Dana came up with a great name or slogan for this push and I AM PUMPED ABOUT IT! Can’t wait to reveal it….in the next few months…so ya gotta wait. 🙂
  • I’ve had 3 smiley faces in this post thus far. That’s way too many.
  • Tomorrow we bid farewell to Woodland High School. We have a cool surprise for our elementary kids and our preschool kids. The only hint I can give is this: I hope nothing blows up.
  • Two words: Kids & Families. One word: Invest. Can’t wait til tomorrow morning!

Matthew 18:5
“Anyone who welcomes a little child on my behalf is welcoming me.”