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Another Reason Not to Shop at Walmart

July 29, 2008

Ok, just a little joke with the title…sorta. Last night, we had a bit of a scare with Braden (7). He tripped in Walmart and hit his head on a shelf. He fell down, eyes glazed and head banging against the ground…an apparent seizure. Dana said after about 3 to 4 seconds (which she said felt like an eternity) he finally responded to her calls.

After the event, he seemed fine and was acting OK…but as a precaution, we heeded a doctor’s advice and drove him to Children’s Hospital in Atlanta for a CT scan. The report came back 100% good-to-go. Yep, huge relief! They said more than likely it was a “post traumatic seizure”, resulting from him falling in to the shelf. It appears to be an isolated event and not any indication that he will be having any more seizures in the future.

A big THANKS to our Journey Group friends and others who prayed for Braden, watched Logan (younger 2 out of town), and helped get my car back home. It was GREAT knowing we had some immediate support when faced with an emergency.