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What Do You See?

August 6, 2008

There is a pond just outside my neighborhood that I pass every day. Last week, I drove past it around 5pm and observed 2 teenage boys fishing. As I thought about them fishing during one of the hottest parts of the day, a big question was stuck in my head: WHAT DO YOU SEE? Here’s a few choices that I came up with…perhaps this will challenge you as it did me:

#1 (Chance to Criticize)
What do I see? Um…duh, a bunch of goobers. No, make that idiots. Those neighborhood kids are always out there fishing…don’t they know there’s probably only 2 fish in that pond?!?! Worst yet, they are fishing at the hottest part of the day? Who taught them to fish? EVERYONE knows you are suppose to fish either early morning or late afternoon. Dumb dumb dumb.

#2 (Chance to Complain)
Great, more teenagers, out alone, near the neighborhood…they probably just vandalized the pool and are now smoking weed, all under the cover of “fishing”.

#3 (Chance of Opportunity)
Hmm, interesting. It’s 96 degrees right now. Why in the world are they fishing when it’s sooo hot? I’ve seen those kids out and about before, I’ve never said hello. Hmm, the bigger question: I wonder if they’ve ever had anyone teach them how to fish? Perhaps the biggest question: I wonder if they have a dad that’s around? Statistically, I know the odds on this one – 50/50.

I hope we have more and more professing Christians “seeing” number 3. And when observed, I hope we have more believers acting upon the Spirit’s prompting…whether it’s praying for the kids or being more aware of hurting kids all around us or having courage to speak up and getting to know your neighbor. So, today, where you are: WHAT DO YOU SEE?

Is it OK for a Christian to drink alcohol?

August 6, 2008