Long Successful Day

Dude, what a day. I’m out of shape. No, seriously. From 7:30am to about 5pm we gutted a building. Well, not fully, but close to it. Oak Leaf now owns the former House of Rock (Coyotes) Bar. We wasted no time in cleaning her up and tearing down stuff…ripping out stuff…oh, and cleaning some more. Let’s just say it wasn’t exactly sanitary. 🙂

The above is a former glass mirror, now sitting sideways in the back parking lot. We wanted to salvage it somehow, but I think by 2pm today the motto became, “When in doubt, toss it out.” I can’t wait to see the finished product. I can’t wait to see it packed with students for a Wednesday night service. I can’t wait to smell coffee brewing in it…instead of smelling…well, it’s kinda hard to explain. Just gross.

We are redeming a building. This is going to be a great place for the community to use. It’s going to be a rocking student gathering. It’s going to be a great church campus. It’s going to eventually have a WAY WAY WAY cool KidVenture area.

And again, today was a great example of hard working volunteers. Seriously…no really really seriously…Oak Leaf is blessed. I’ve never been around such giving people. THANKS for everyone’s hard work! Now let’s get a few hours sleep and meet again at Carmike Cinemas at 5am in the morning! 🙂

Updated:  Click HERE for a time lapse video.

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