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Red Carpet, Dr. Pepper, Flag Football

August 10, 2008

Recap of the day:

4:00am: wake up and hit the shower. quickly search for caffeine.

5:00am: arrive at theater, forgetting that we moved setup to 5:30am.

5:10am: still thinking about that extra 30minutes of sleep I could have had. 🙂

8:30am: go live on the “red carpet” with my co-host Suzy. since it was God @ The Movies, part 2, we had a scene set up – Red Carpet Interviews. What was cool is we interviewed people in the movie theater lobby…little did they know the camera was being fed live in to the adult worship theater, pre-service. Here are the top 5 things overheard on the carpet today.

  1. “Who are you wearing?” Response: “Tarjeh” (Target)
  2. “Hey, look who it is…Mitch…now Mitch, how does it feel to have your AARP card?”
  3. “This is interesting, we have a real actual Georgia Bulldawg football player. Come on over here. I’m surprised you’re not in jail.” (Actually a 10 year old boy in a UGA uniform.)
  4. Pronouncing Michael Lukaszewski as “Mee-kahl” (a famous designer).
  5. “We are less than 60 seconds away from being live at God @ The Movies, part 2! You can feel the energy…in fact, I’m having heart palpitations….wait, check that, I’m sorry, that was just gas.

1:30pm: chill with the Fam at home.

6pm: attended the journey group vision night. jody stinkin’ rocked the house. i’m tellin’ you right now, journey groups are going to explode over the next 6 months. everybody hang on tight! C’ville is going to be CHANGED b/c of OLC groups. i drank tons of DR. PEPPER.

8pm: caught up with some guys playing flag football. on my first play there, they throw deep to the guy I was covering…TOUCHDOWN. gee, what a surprise. someone catching a ball over me. (hint: it’s not that hard.)

Fun day. Lot’s a great stuff happening.

Even better: College Football is getting closer and closer. C’mon!