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Jr. Volunteers

August 12, 2008

“Whoever welcomes a little child in my name welcomes me.” – Jesus (Matthew 18:5)

At Oak Leaf, we value and appreciate Jr. Volunteers. I feel fortunate because I think we have some of the best, hard working middle school students around. Seriously, I don’t think at age 12 I was mature enough or motivated enough to arrive at a theater at 5am to put down puzzle piece flooring! But that’s what we have – dedicated, non-complaining, supportive Jr. Volunteers. They do a phenomenal job!

A parent of one of these Jr. Volunteers recently reminded me of something majorly important. She said that her child serving at church, serving in the KidVenture area, was more than just a job. More than just an assistant role. More than just sweeping up goldfish or singing a song or preventing johnny jr. from biting the lead teaher (sorry if your kid is named Johnny…it was just for illustration purposes. ha.). For her, it was seeing her child find WORTH, and accomplishment, and learning how to serve others (by watching the adult volunteers). She also spoke of how not too long ago, when a child reached a certain age, they were expected to start providing for the family (farm life). She was not advocating sending our 12 year old sons and daughters in to the work force, but her point hit home. She talked about how it’s good for them to learn responsibility….and how the church is an excellent place for them to find worth and value and self esteem – all by serving.

What a great reminder! Hopefully, if your’e an adult volunteer, this gets you fired up. Remember, more than just the preschool or elementary eyes are upon you…there are Jr. Volunteers watching as well…listening to what you teach, watching how you serve, and further forming their theology and attitude towards God and the church.

No pressure, right? 🙂