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Phrase of the Day

August 13, 2008

Figured I’d follow up a stat with a phrase:

Last week, a volunteer was telling me just how much they enjoyed serving.  How they were wanting to do everything possible to help Oak Leaf.  How they got joy and fulfillment out of serving God.  Their email was summed up with:  “It’s like food to me.”

Good stuff.

Stat of the Day

August 13, 2008

God planted Oak Leaf Church in C’ville, GA in the summer of 06. Here’s an interesting stat I came across yesterday:

2006 Kid Average: 69
2007 Kid Average: 142
2008 Kid Average: 187

(This is elementary and preschool.) I’m not shy in using numbers…cause it aint about growth for growth’s sake. It’s about having as MANY kids as we can possibly fit in to Carmike Cinemas on Sunday mornings – so they can hear all about God’s love. I get fired up seeing more and more kids arrive each Sunday! And I get fired up about the opportunity for more volunteers to impact these kids and their families!