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August 15, 2008

I might watch THIS Saturday night. Could be interesting.

a true gator?

August 15, 2008

As college football season draws near, team spirit and team pride start showing up everywhere. This is certainly the case in north Georgia. Sometimes, though, allegiances can be confusing…or perhaps the fan himself is confused. Take Anthony, our Executive Pastor, for example. Above, you can clearly see him sporting an Auburn shirt (beautiful I might add). This lovely photo was taken around 6am last Sunday morning, during setup at the theater.

Now Anthony is a Gator Grad. A huge Gator fan. Chomp chomp, no doubt. His better half, Carrie, is an Auburn grad. One might conclude that he’s simply wearing her shirt. (I’m not sure what the church’s policy is on wearing women’s clothing.) Or, perhaps, he is staring to see the light…maybe he is leaving the dark side?…maybe God is working on his heart and he is about to repent and pledge allegiance to the TRUE Orange & Blue?!

I’ll keep everyone updated.

Note: The above blog entry in no way reflects my views as a staff member of Oak Leaf Church. In other words, the above post should not determine my employment by such said church. Should the Executive Pastor of such said church get upset…such said Executive Pastor should be reminded of mercy and grace and laughter.