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Day Before Monday

August 17, 2008

Michael does a good job recapping each Sunday…HERE is today’s. I figured I might start adding some KidVenture stuff as well. So, here’s 5 quick hits from another Sunday at OLC.

  • Today was Kaela Bostic’s last Sunday at Oak Leaf. Kaela graduated high school and is now going to attend Berea College in Kentucky (who would want to live in KY? just kidding). Kaela faithfully served as a volunteer in “The City”, our elementary ministry. She gave a ton of her time as a volunteer because she passionately loves God and loves children. We are going to miss Kaela, BIG TIME….yet, everyone is excited to see God take her to a new place to be a blessing there. THANK YOU Kaela for being a great example for volunteers and kids to see! (p.s. You were right, THIS stuff is good. We fully expect you to bring some back to C’ville each time you visit!)
  • I was on stage in The City, saying a farewell to Kaela…having the kids say Thank You and Goodbye…and I was explaining to the kids that she was going off to college and decided to ask them, “What is college?” I got some good answers, but the best one came from a little 1st grade girl: “Where you go to get a husband.”
  • KidVenture is becoming more organized. Sherry did a WONDERFUL job reorganizing the volunteer check-in (name badges)! Bethany, Carrie, and Heather – our 3 volunteer preschool coaches – are making HUGE improvements on how we communicate with our volunteers and how we keep up with supplies, etc. Thanks to the 80+ volunteers that made KidVenture possible today!
  • It’s a slow but steady process to get things organized…and find the right curriculum…and appreciate people…and recruit…and think & manage all the details (all 4,933 each week). I think we are in phase 1 of finding some stability in organization and structure. Phase 2 will be a RETHINK. I’m most excited about that because I think God has something special for the kid’s ministry of Oak Leaf. I think a new and creative way of doing Sunday morning is just around the corner. Join me in the brainstorm.
  • Mitch still scares the children

Note: Ale8 is a soft drink, even though it doesn’t look like it.