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Football Prediction

August 20, 2008

I wouldn’t mind THIS.

Midweek Top 5

August 20, 2008

Top 5 things I’m excited about right now…in no particular order:

  • Dana is now studying for her Master’s. (Online through Liberty.) She’s going to be (already is) a great counselor!
  • The House of Rock is progressing along. Worked a few hours up there last night. Volunteers and staff are putting tons of blood & sweat in to this project. Praise God!
  • College football begins one week from tomorrow. (Is it ok to say praise God again?!)
  • In a recent sermon I was listening to, the pastor said in most of his encounters with nonbelievers it was not that they didn’t believe in God, it was that they didn’t think God believed in them. That fires me up to do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to relay his everlasting (unchanging, compassionate, forgiving, perfect) LOVE to others.
  • The last one I’ll leave up to you. What’s got you pumped right now?