What If

We often limit how God can work.  Too much we say “He works like this…”  Too often we only look for Him in the usual places.

I was reminded a few days ago that God uses the unusual.  He uses the not so ordinary.  And sometimes He takes a bad situation and does only what He can do – turns it in to a miracle, a blessing, a vehicle for something phenomenal.

I endured an unpleasant situation recently.  (Everything is fine, nothing major.)  I was really bummed about it.  But rising up through that situation came a second story.  And this story has tons of potential.  And the other day, God reminded me of how He can use any and every circumstance for His glory.  So now I’m asking, “What if…”  What if that situation was suppose to happen SO THAT ____________ could occur.”  And the follow up question, “Was it worth going through that bad situation so that _________ could occur?”  And since the the outcome is dealing with the souls of men and carries spiritual significance, I say ABSOLUTELY.

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