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Looking Ahead

August 23, 2008

Over the past several months, I’ve heard a few different sermons that addressed the need for looking ahead, looking for God to do a new thing. I saw this illustrated the other day when working on the House of Rock. Someone had come to volunteer their time in the building and it was their first visit to the place. I gave them a quick 30 second tour, pointing out various things. After they began working, I pondered what I had said.

I realize that everything I had pointed out was something in the recent PAST. I explained to them how we had ripped out a dance floor. I pointed out where the big stage used to be…how all the bar stools and high top tables had to be carried up stairs…gave some fun, gross details about the nasty carpet we ripped up…how 5 big dumpters were now full of stuff…

And while there was certainly nothing wrong with me pointing out the hard work of everyone and being excited about the progress, I think perhaps the better thing to say would have been, “See, right there is where our coffee area is going and there will be a student hang out place…and in 3 days from now new offices will be constructed here…”

I have found the same to be true in life and ministry. Yes, be thankful and excited about the past, both recent and distant. Yes, stop to celebrate and be reminded of His grace. BUT, always look ahead. What is God doing next? Are you ready to be pushed? Don’t live off the success of a recent win, but be driven by the potential of God doing a new thing.