Sunday Summary

  • Elementary kids are praying for missionaries.
  • We rearranged some of the preschool rooms and it seemed to go well.
  • Launching a new check-in system next Sunday (Fellowship One). It will include a self check-in touch screen monitor…but we will still station someone there to assist and say hello.
  • Met another new family with two preschoolers. It was their first visit to OLC. Not only is that one of my favorite parts of of Sunday morning, but it is one of the most important things I do. I have to start freeing myself up more to allow this interaction. It’s quite difficult, though, when there are SO MANY other details going on to pull off a Sunday morning.
  • In our Journey Group tonight, we talked about the importance of other adults pouring in to the lives of our children (adult volunteers at church, family, church leaders, college students, etc). *It’s important for there to be adults in their lives that will say (reinforce) the same things we say.*
  • Yes, I’m now counting the hours til college football kickoff.
  • Dana and I are trying to eat dinner more often, together as a family. Props to Dana for cooking more! 🙂
  • Look for a post soon discussing poker.
  • That would be a weird ending, so I’ll end with something else: Student Ministry is about to get rocking at Oak Leaf and a ton of people (a lot of parents with teens) are VERY pumped about it. God, use us to lead a bunch of hurting and confused teens to you!
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