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Too Long, Too Serious, Tuned Out

August 26, 2008

I’ve sat through many training sessions before – anything from computer software to sales techniques to leadership development.  Not too long ago, I endured another one.  I say “endure” because all to often, that’s what it is.  And I wouldn’t necessarily fault the presenter (too much).  After all, there’s just info that you HAVE to cover, have to get through.

But I think a good phrase (or formula) to use when presenting anything is:  “If it’s too long and too serious, then expect people to tune out.”  Now I’m no great communicator…I’m sure you can find fault with my statement.  But, to me, this is a simple principle to apply.  Personally, I’m disengaged from something when it goes too long or humor is absent for too long.  Given:  I’m a goofball and enjoy laughing.

So, shorten it up, lighten up a little, and be passionate about your presentation.


August 26, 2008

Such a great attribute. Such an important one. I was reviewing our elementary lesson for this coming Sunday and it focuses on giving generously to the poor (deut. 15:10) and supporting missions, etc. In the video, the guy said a very simple phrase that is repeating in my head: “When we give our money to the needy, we our showing them through our actions that God loves them and that He is KIND.”

What a great reminder to us adults…and a powerful thing to teach children. So many need to hear about (and see, and receive) God’s compassion and His kindness.

Col. 3:12

Proverbs 14:31