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Neutrality (Cass vs. Cartersville)

August 29, 2008

Since Dana and I moved to Cartersville 3.5 years ago, we have yet to attend a Cass vs. Cartersville football game (the local high school rivarly).  Attend together that is…I went to the game 2 years ago.  So tonight, we have a babysitter, we’ve prepared to leave early in order to fight traffic, and we are ready to watch some great play under friday night lights.

Now this may seem cheesy, but I’m trying to stay neutral in this rivarly.  We are sitting with some friends on the ______________ sideline tonight, but I’m still impartial.  I like both schools and know teachers and students at both schools.  Maybe when my kids get older and we end up at one of them, then I’ll become a true fan.

If you have a persuasive reason why I should cheer for one over the other, feel free to comment.
Keep it clean.  🙂