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Sunday Summary

August 31, 2008
  • Looking forward to having tomorrow off.  Spending it with family at the lake.  FUN.
  • Launched a new kid’s check-in system today…including new computers, printers, labels, wireless router, etc.  Went relatively smooth.
  • Sherry Berry is one of the most organized people on the planet!  She is a huge asset to KidVenture and Oak Leaf Church!  Thanks Sherry.
  • I miss being on the stage in The City.  Soon I’m going to work myself back in to the host rotation.  Teaching kids about God’s love (and being a complete goofball) is stinkin’ FUN!  (and important)
  • Lots of smack talk going on during the early AM setup.  Ahhh…college football is back, gotta love it.