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Quote of the Day

September 5, 2008

“Often times people need love and attention the most when they deserve it the least.”
– Lou Holtz

(Yes, that’s right, I just quoted a former football coach and now ESPN commentator.  Just heard him say it on the Halftime Show.  Not a bad saying.)

Soccer Kids

September 5, 2008

I’m not coaching 5 yr old soccer this year.  Instead, I’m being a dad on the sideline.  (Side bets are being taken on how long this will last…it’s VERY difficult for me just to sit there.)  Yesterday, at Logan’s practice, I observed some givens in 5 yr old soccer.  Below is a list of kids you are guaranteed to see at a 5yr old soccer game:

  • The Big Kid – this kid is 3 times the size of everyone else.  Sometimes they stick him in goalie cause he takes up 3/4 of the goal.  (Not being mean, just sayin’.)  He is destined to be an all star in pee wee football.
  • The Mohawk Kid – this kid usually plays on offense, is aggressive, and sports a very cool spiked hairdo.  And for some reason, most mohawk kids have blond hair.
  • The Little Kid – he’s the shortest kid on the team…and probably the most cheered for.  You pray every game that he doesn’t get run over, especially by the Big Kid.  Usually around the last game of the season he will score his first goal and the crowd will go absolutely crazy!  (And he will get his name in the local paper.)
  • The Super Girl – don’t underestimate girl power.  This girl outruns every boy on the field and has the most break-a-ways.  She often has the most points too.  And she probably has the best soccer fundamentals as well.  Don’t get too close to her or you’ll get whacked by her pony tail.
  • The Super Hero Kid – this little guy could care less about soccer, or any sport for that matter.  A grass field, what’s it good for?  Answer:  to act out every move you know from your favorite superhero.  This kid is shooting webs (spiderman) or punching air (power rangers) or leaping off tall buildings (batman).
  • The Kid With Annoying Parents – no need to say anything here.  Everyone knows this kid and everyone feels sorry for him.
  • The I Hate Being Here Kid – this dude would rather eat green peas than be on the field.  He hates everything about it.  He cries when forced to go on the field.  Unfortunately, he’ll probably only make it through 3 practices until mom & dad decide to give it a go next year.
  • The Clothes Are Bothersome Kid – this little guy thinks shirts are for losers.  He’d much rather just go around in shorts and cleats.  And when he sees people laughing at his antics, he’s even more motivated to keep showing his belly.
  • The Snack Kid – from the moment he arrives at the field, this kid is asking about the snack.  What will it be this time?  Oreos?  Chips A Hoy?  Goldfish?  Or, will that health conscience mom bring some lame snack like fruit?  🙂

Enjoy the soccer season everyone!