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Easy To Consult

September 15, 2008

Occasionally I get an email or phone call from a children’s minister.  In this correspondance, they are doing exactly what I do with other children’s ministers:  Asking for help/advice/opinions/tips.  And the cycle is quite natural.  A smaller church plant (let’s say around 100 people) will look to someone like Oak Leaf.  And someone like myself has had lunch with those a few years or steps above us – both in numbers and organization.

As I was responding to this kind of email today, I realized something:  It was very easy to respond to the email.  I didn’t expect it to be easy because I’ve only been on the job for 4 months.  I’m still a rookie.  I’m still asking the same questions being asked of me.  But as I began typing, all the passion (often buried in details) resurfaced.  And as I communicated what we did and why we did it and what has worked and what has not worked and our growing pains and our wins and struggles, I found it easy to consult someone on philosophies and methods and vision.  And it was healthy to do because it reminded me of where we have been and where God is taking us (and the thankfulness I have for our 80+ KidVenture volunteers!).

Before I get too sidetracked, here’s the point of the post:  It’s often much easier to consult (or teach) than actually do it.  Perhaps the old saying is true:  Those that can’t, teach.  Futhermore, as I think back to my volunteer days at Oak Leaf, it was so easy to critique and have opinions on this and that…but it’s a whole different beast actually implementing needed changes.  I’ve developed a new respect for those in f/t ministry.  It’s a tough tough job – especially being portable.

Completely unrelated:  Everyone leave me alone about Auburn.  Yes, I realize their offense played horrible last Saturday.  🙂