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Pre Turkey Day Pic

November 26, 2008


Some of the Huntsville, AL gang – celebrating my buddy Michael’s 30th birthday.  Wanna meet some the best people on the planet?  Head to Huntsvegas.

Thanks crew.  I enjoyed my overnight trip.

Pardon Our Progress

November 25, 2008

Downtown Cartersville is undergoing a little construction…ok, they’re ripping up every sidewalk possible.  As I was driving down Main St. last night, I noticed the sign, “Pardon Our Progress”.  That got me thinking about a few things.

It’s interesting how construction signs have changed over the years.  Everything now has a positive spin.  No longer do you see “Excuse The Mess” or “Work Ahead – that will cause you to be stuck in traffic” signs.  Instead, words like progress and improvement are used.  Part of me likes the positive spin and part of me feels like a politician is trying to smooth over our frustration.

Progress can be messy though.  In fact, it often is.  I think back to the various sales jobs I’ve had.  Growth was often uncomfortable and annoying.  Sales guys had to constantly make adjustments to their strategy as corporate made changes to benefit the company as a whole.  Also, this messiness can be seen in other facets of life:  Getting in to a workout routine (week 1 you’ll probably vomit…or at least hurt); Church growth can become messy as God prunes away anything not Kingdom minded.

Just as they bust up sidewalks and dig up old pipes in downtown, we too need to dig to the root of our problems or barriers.  Without it, progress simply can’t be made.

Unrelated Bonus:  My gym is getting one of THESE.  Website HERE.  (Dude, that’s just funny.)

Kinley Faith

November 24, 2008


3 boys and Kinley Faith.  God is good.
Don’t mess with her…I’ll break your face.  🙂

Big Sunday, Short Week

November 24, 2008

Had another great Sunday in preschool & elementary ministries.  Though there are always improvements to make and new goals to reach, we have momentum in these ministries right now and that’s a huge answered prayer.

> In The City (K-5th) yesterday we had Matt Moody & the band playing live.  There is a certain buzz in the room when they are there.  The kids respond very well and I love seeing them dance and jump around, worshiping uninhibited.

> I enjoyed the lesson of the stand alone series, “Bling”…but dude, I aint got no soul in me.  I’m extremely white…but looking like a fool in front of kids is always a good thing.  🙂

> We had tons and tons of volunteers available on Sunday.  That makes a huge difference, especially in Small Group time.

> Lots of first time kids in The City.  Love it.

Time to prep for Sunday the 30th.  Have 2 short days this week to get ready.  Let’s go.

Family Friday

November 21, 2008


Today’s blog post will highlight the happenings of my 4 great kids:

Braden (7):  Getting taller by the minute.  Attended the youth gathering (Fuel) on Wednesday night and left saying, “Some girls told me I was cute.”

Logan (5):  Pictured above with his artwork on display at the Bartow County Library.  He’s enjoying Kindergarten and Cloverleaf is doing a great job.

Kinley (4):  One word:  Sassy.  Two words:  Daddy’s Girl.  Three words:  Gets Her Way.  She’s doing a good job living with 3 brothers.

Camden (almost 3):  Getting more personality by the minute.  The roughest of any.  Asked me the other day, “Daddy, when I turn 3 can I drink coffee?”

08 Iron Bowl

November 20, 2008


As an Auburn grad, I approach this year’s Iron Bowl with realistic expectations.  The two schools could not have had more opposite years.  UA is playing to keep their National Championship dream alive…while AU is playing for a bowl game.  Even the most fanatic burnt orange and navy blue fan has to admit that AU’s chances are not looking good this year.  However, it is the world’s best rivarly game.  Strange things have and can happen.

Here’s my “what must happen” list in order for AU to pull off the miracle:

*  Alabama must finally have “that game”.  The game where all the pieces do NOT come together.  Alabama has been in some tight games this year…but in every one they have found ways to win.  Some facet of their team steps up:  Special Teams, Defense, Running Game.

*  Auburn must finally have “that game”.  The game where all the pieces finally DO come together.  Auburn has also been in some tight games.  They led both LSU and UGA late in the game…only to give up the lead and lose.  They are still looking for a breakthrough game in which something “clicks” and they play a complete 4 quarter game.  They are still searching for ways to win close games.

*  Alabama enters the game with a coaching staff that has turned a team around very quick.  You are crazy if you don’t think that’s impressive.  Auburn enters the game with NO offensive coordinator and a big question mark of where the head coach might be at the end of the year.  Auburn’s coaches will have to pull something crazy in order to win this game…leading up to the game they are going to have to be brilliant and somehow scheme a way to stop the nation’s #1 team.

*  The Iron Bowl gods must show favor on AU and pull some kind of vudoo stuff…after all, UA has never beaten AU in Tuscaloosa.

We are 9 short days away from one of the greatest sporting events of the year.  No matter the outcome, it will be a blast to watch it and pull for my Tigers…after all, us crazies still BELIEVE anything is possible.

Minister of Email

November 19, 2008

icefountain(random pic of the fountain outside our office)

I love my job as Family Pastor (aka Children’s Pastor) at Oak Leaf Church.  Over this first 6 months there have been plenty of challenges, moments of celebration, moments of “ruh roh”, and tons of seeing God at work.  I was thinking today about the many adjustments I’ve had in this job…things I’ve become acquainted with.  In that spirit, here are a few job titles that could be easily substituted for Family Pastor (you will probably identify with some of these no matter your line of work):

1.  Minister of Email – Seriously, there’s a ton of it.  I’ll go to lunch and have 14 new emails in my inbox.  10 are important and 4 are useless fwd’s…thank goodness the election is over.  🙂

2.  Minister of “Find Me A Babysitter” – If you work with kids, it’s assumed that you know every babysitter in your county.  It’s also assumed that you can call one up within 24 hours to be at an event that you knew nothing about.

3.  Goldfish Pastor – My clothes even smell like it.  I suppose it’s better than spit up?

4.  Minister of “Hand-Me-Downs” – Youth pastors also get this.  Have junk?  Don’t take it to Goodwill or set it on the curb, give your garbage to the kid’s ministry.  🙂  (Fortunately Oak Leaf is wanting to function opposite of this attitude.)

5.  Pastor of Saturday Night Phone Calls – (All my volunteer coaches are shouting Amen right now.)  This one is inevitable.  When you have 70+ volunteers, there’s always a percentage each week that are going to be out…but not know it til 8pm Saturday night.  (What’s ironic is when I was a volunteer I used to be that phone call!  Ha.)

Hopefully you find these to be funny like I do.  I could just as easily write a serious list of 100 different titles that use words like blessed, fortunate, awesome volunteers, and fun.

If you feel inclined, do your own:  Leave a comment with your current job title and then a subsitute title.