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Week in Review

November 15, 2008
  • The Fam survived a stomach bug.
  • I decided that on Sunday the 23rd I will be hosting all 3 services in our elementary environment.  This gives my hosts a well deserved break – plus, I absolutely love doing it.
  • I met with 2 awesome children ministers this past week.  One was a dude who’s only been in his staff position for a month and 1/2…extremely creative guy with a background of acting in NY.  The other was a lady with 30 years of experience.  Both meetings were VERY valuable.
  • I scared Adam Williams this morning by telling him that I heard John Parker had twisted his ankle.  He may have had a heart attack.
  • I have family members on a cruise right now.  I told them not to sink…we need their free childcare.