Minister of Email

icefountain(random pic of the fountain outside our office)

I love my job as Family Pastor (aka Children’s Pastor) at Oak Leaf Church.  Over this first 6 months there have been plenty of challenges, moments of celebration, moments of “ruh roh”, and tons of seeing God at work.  I was thinking today about the many adjustments I’ve had in this job…things I’ve become acquainted with.  In that spirit, here are a few job titles that could be easily substituted for Family Pastor (you will probably identify with some of these no matter your line of work):

1.  Minister of Email – Seriously, there’s a ton of it.  I’ll go to lunch and have 14 new emails in my inbox.  10 are important and 4 are useless fwd’s…thank goodness the election is over.  🙂

2.  Minister of “Find Me A Babysitter” – If you work with kids, it’s assumed that you know every babysitter in your county.  It’s also assumed that you can call one up within 24 hours to be at an event that you knew nothing about.

3.  Goldfish Pastor – My clothes even smell like it.  I suppose it’s better than spit up?

4.  Minister of “Hand-Me-Downs” – Youth pastors also get this.  Have junk?  Don’t take it to Goodwill or set it on the curb, give your garbage to the kid’s ministry.  🙂  (Fortunately Oak Leaf is wanting to function opposite of this attitude.)

5.  Pastor of Saturday Night Phone Calls – (All my volunteer coaches are shouting Amen right now.)  This one is inevitable.  When you have 70+ volunteers, there’s always a percentage each week that are going to be out…but not know it til 8pm Saturday night.  (What’s ironic is when I was a volunteer I used to be that phone call!  Ha.)

Hopefully you find these to be funny like I do.  I could just as easily write a serious list of 100 different titles that use words like blessed, fortunate, awesome volunteers, and fun.

If you feel inclined, do your own:  Leave a comment with your current job title and then a subsitute title.

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