08 Iron Bowl


As an Auburn grad, I approach this year’s Iron Bowl with realistic expectations.  The two schools could not have had more opposite years.  UA is playing to keep their National Championship dream alive…while AU is playing for a bowl game.  Even the most fanatic burnt orange and navy blue fan has to admit that AU’s chances are not looking good this year.  However, it is the world’s best rivarly game.  Strange things have and can happen.

Here’s my “what must happen” list in order for AU to pull off the miracle:

*  Alabama must finally have “that game”.  The game where all the pieces do NOT come together.  Alabama has been in some tight games this year…but in every one they have found ways to win.  Some facet of their team steps up:  Special Teams, Defense, Running Game.

*  Auburn must finally have “that game”.  The game where all the pieces finally DO come together.  Auburn has also been in some tight games.  They led both LSU and UGA late in the game…only to give up the lead and lose.  They are still looking for a breakthrough game in which something “clicks” and they play a complete 4 quarter game.  They are still searching for ways to win close games.

*  Alabama enters the game with a coaching staff that has turned a team around very quick.  You are crazy if you don’t think that’s impressive.  Auburn enters the game with NO offensive coordinator and a big question mark of where the head coach might be at the end of the year.  Auburn’s coaches will have to pull something crazy in order to win this game…leading up to the game they are going to have to be brilliant and somehow scheme a way to stop the nation’s #1 team.

*  The Iron Bowl gods must show favor on AU and pull some kind of vudoo stuff…after all, UA has never beaten AU in Tuscaloosa.

We are 9 short days away from one of the greatest sporting events of the year.  No matter the outcome, it will be a blast to watch it and pull for my Tigers…after all, us crazies still BELIEVE anything is possible.

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8 Comments on “08 Iron Bowl”

  1. kelly williams Says:


  2. jonathan sutton Says:

    I figured this would get some comments.
    By the way Kelly, Roll Tide is 2 words.

  3. Jason Says:

    I am praying for you brother, you do know that Jesus is a Bama fan. ROLL TIDE!!!

  4. jonathan sutton Says:

    On the contrary Jason, the sun is ORANGE and the sky is BLUE.

  5. jalack Says:

    There ya go, evidence that Auburn fans are Godless heathens, worshiping the sun and the sky….
    See Alabama’s colors speak for the relationship of Jesus and man as is evident in sin being Crimson but Christ making our sin as “white as snow”…Crimson and White baby!!!

  6. jonathan sutton Says:

    Guess I should just allow any Bama fan to win this argument, huh? After all, they’ve had SIX years of silence…I’d probably want to talk now too.

  7. carrie gratto Says:

    yes, alabama has had a good year…but that doesn’t mean they will win. you can’t ever predict the auburn vs. alabama game! i’m pulling for the Tigers!!

  8. Jason Says:

    @Jonathan, lol….I’m gonna shut up now and just see how it shakes out…Oh and 6 years of getting spanked, well ya were gonna talk, wouldn’t you???

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