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Kinley Faith

November 24, 2008


3 boys and Kinley Faith.  God is good.
Don’t mess with her…I’ll break your face.  🙂

Big Sunday, Short Week

November 24, 2008

Had another great Sunday in preschool & elementary ministries.  Though there are always improvements to make and new goals to reach, we have momentum in these ministries right now and that’s a huge answered prayer.

> In The City (K-5th) yesterday we had Matt Moody & the band playing live.  There is a certain buzz in the room when they are there.  The kids respond very well and I love seeing them dance and jump around, worshiping uninhibited.

> I enjoyed the lesson of the stand alone series, “Bling”…but dude, I aint got no soul in me.  I’m extremely white…but looking like a fool in front of kids is always a good thing.  🙂

> We had tons and tons of volunteers available on Sunday.  That makes a huge difference, especially in Small Group time.

> Lots of first time kids in The City.  Love it.

Time to prep for Sunday the 30th.  Have 2 short days this week to get ready.  Let’s go.