Pardon Our Progress

Downtown Cartersville is undergoing a little construction…ok, they’re ripping up every sidewalk possible.  As I was driving down Main St. last night, I noticed the sign, “Pardon Our Progress”.  That got me thinking about a few things.

It’s interesting how construction signs have changed over the years.  Everything now has a positive spin.  No longer do you see “Excuse The Mess” or “Work Ahead – that will cause you to be stuck in traffic” signs.  Instead, words like progress and improvement are used.  Part of me likes the positive spin and part of me feels like a politician is trying to smooth over our frustration.

Progress can be messy though.  In fact, it often is.  I think back to the various sales jobs I’ve had.  Growth was often uncomfortable and annoying.  Sales guys had to constantly make adjustments to their strategy as corporate made changes to benefit the company as a whole.  Also, this messiness can be seen in other facets of life:  Getting in to a workout routine (week 1 you’ll probably vomit…or at least hurt); Church growth can become messy as God prunes away anything not Kingdom minded.

Just as they bust up sidewalks and dig up old pipes in downtown, we too need to dig to the root of our problems or barriers.  Without it, progress simply can’t be made.

Unrelated Bonus:  My gym is getting one of THESE.  Website HERE.  (Dude, that’s just funny.)

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