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Twitter Likes/Dislikes

December 31, 2008

If you hang around Oak Leaf people long enough, you will start to Twitter.  For several months now I’ve occasionally updated my whereabouts and happenings via cell phone and computer on this magical thing with all my Tweets.

Here’s a few likes and dislikes I’ve discovered in this world:

*  Superfast way to find out about something important.
*  A lot of humor…and I like to hear funny things.
*  A decent way to get to know a little bit about someone.
*  If you like random things and random links and pics, welcome.

*  Too easy an avenue for griping and complaining – about everything.
*  Superfast way to waste a lot of time.

Parent Roundtable

December 30, 2008

I’m looking forward to a lot of things in 09.  One of them is a Parent Roundtable that will be developed by March and will meet once a quarter.  Here’s the scoop:  In our kid’s ministry new ideas are run by staff, lead volunteers, prayed about, etc.  Everything we do has in mind the idea of “Partnering with Parents”.  It’s not simply drop your kid off for a hour each Sunday.  Through resources and lead teachers and workshops we want to do everything we can to equip parents to help build faith AT HOME.

I’m excited about this Parent Roundtable.  It will be me and a handful of parents (invitation only…ha, we are a secret club!) discussing vision and practicality of our stuff.  In other words, I want to know if we are connecting.  Does the way we do _________ help you at home?  Was this useful?  What do you think families struggle with most?  What should be the main point of our Parenting Workshop?  What are the local needs of families in our community?  The vision of our kid’s ministry is __________, does that make sense to you?  Feedback feedback feedback.

Call it an Advisory Board.  Call it an Input Group.  Even call them Deacons if you want (wait, that’s crazy).  But I think it’s vitally important that they have a voice in to this OH SO IMPORTANT ministry of Oak Leaf.

Bonus:  Wonder if I should build a Knights of the Round Table type thingy and make us all wear costumes?


December 29, 2008

To charge or invest with a trust or responsibility; charge with a specified office or duty involving trust: “We entrusted him with our lives.”

Recently I was talking with Dana about our kid’s education.  We are praying about our options over the next several years…homeschool, public school, private school, no school at all (ha, just a joke on that one).

The word ENTRUST kept coming to mind.  As parents, we entrust our kids to many things.  Babysitters, schools, churches, etc.  It’s a big deal.  We all want the best possible choice in every area.  It’s a big decision.  Concerning education, we are often entrusting our kids to their teachers and hoping for a good outcome.  ULTIMATELY, though, we all know the responsibility is on US.  We, the parents, are responsible for our kid’s education.  We, the parents, have been entrusted by God to raise our kids…not anybody else.

The same healthy view can be applied to the church.  We, the parents, are ultimately responsible for teaching our kids about Christ.

We know the numbers:  The church has about 40 hours a year with your kid…you have 3000.  Yet, it is a beautiful PARTNERSHIP.  You are entrusting them to loving caring adults, if only for an hour on a Sunday morning.  And at Oak Leaf, that is a HUGE deal for us.  We want to build on that trust and do everything we can to point them to an awesome God who has a grand plan for their life.

Merry Christmas

December 25, 2008


High School Football

December 23, 2008

One of the best high school football stories I’ve ever heard:


Tis The Season…to pray

December 22, 2008

It dawned on me this morning that I have much to pray about lately:

*  Staff had the opportunity to pray over a sick child this morning in the office.

*  I’m praying for a family member who was diagnosed with cancer last week.

*  Praying for four services at OLC – that all things will come together and hundreds more will be reached with the Gospel.

To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Random Mind Unload

December 20, 2008

oak_leaf_travel_ottawaPeople that knock Alabama (my friends on Twitter) need to repent.

Pecan Pie is overrated.

Going to see Yes Man tonight.  I like movies.  Just about any movie.  Australia was a good movie.

I’m sitting in a living room in AL right now…surrounded by Bama fans.  Unfortunately, it’s a Crimson & White Christmas this year.  😦

My wife works too much.  That will change over the next 3 months.

I’m missing The Leaf tomorrow.  First time since I came on staff 7 months ago.  I guess sleeping in will be good, but I’ll truly MISS it.

Kaela Bostic is home from college.  She’s hosting in The City tomorrow at The Leaf.  She’s a foundational layer of KidVenture.

About to go eat some Taco Soup.